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Personalize Your Direct Marketing for Increased Response Rates


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When you send out 1000 postcards on average only 10-20 people will respond to your offer. That means 98% of people will throw your mail piece in the trashcan.

I truly believe in the power of using postcards but there are 3 issues that I want to address to help you improve your response rates.

1) Sending out boring, generic postcards. With todays technology you are able to personalize every piece of direct mail you send. A few years ago you had to print 1000's of postcards and the only thing that could change with the address of the recipient. Today you can use Variable Data Printers and every single postcard can be printed differently. So for example you could write “Jim, we value you as a customer. . . . " and the next one could say “John, we look forward to you being one of our valuable customers. . "

2) Postcards are too small to include your full message. Postcards have very limited space to get your full message across. You could send them to your main website but then they are distracted by all of the information.

Did you know 42% of people would rather respond online to a direct mail piece then call a phone number? The solution to getting your message delivered to the recipient is create personalized landing pages (PURL). So for example the url would be smith and when Joe visits that page it is personalized to Joe. It could include his name, company name, products he has purchased in the past and it could even include a personalized message for him. This technique will dramatically increase your response rates as recipients feel a connection with you because you are speaking directly to them. You can even display different pictures on the landing page depending on if the visitor is a Male of Female.

3) Sending postcards can be expensive. If you design professional personalized postcards you can actually decrease your marketing expenses because your response rates will go up. I have seen response rates from 10-46% by using personalization techniques. Now instead of receiving 10-20 people respond you might get 100-460. You can capture the recipients email address on the personalized landing page and if they do not buy from you on the first visit you are able to automatically send them email messages. On average it takes 7 marketing messages before a customer buys your product. With traditional postcard marketing you are unable to capture the names and emails of prospects that are interested in your product but do not buy right away. It is very valuable to have an email list of prospects for your product.

Using these 3 techniques should help you increase your response rates and decrease your marketing expenses.

Author Clint Steiner - we have a software product PurlBlitz that automatically creates thousands of personalized landing pages and audio messages. Visit Personalize Direct Mail using PURL's

If you want to increase your response rates and decrease your marketing costs you need to personalize all of your marketing messages.


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Increase Your Direct Marketing Response Significantly
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