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Your Best Direct Response Campaign Blueprint


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Whether you do it electronically or with printed materials, a direct response campaign needs particular elements and components to succeed. While the specific pieces and content might be different from one campaign to another, here are some fundamentals that will set you up to succeed no matter what form your campaign takes.

State your offer in its simplest form.

Everyone knows that the offer is core of a direct response campaign. But too many people get lost going for the most creative way to express it. Start simple. Be straightforward. “Do this to get that. " Once you state the offer in its most basic form, you can work on getting creative-if you want to.

Collect your evidence.

What is the proof that your offer is worthy buying? Collect tangible evidence that will speak to your prospect. This might be number of units sold, performance records, research statistics, or other information that can be independently verified. This evidence backs up more gut level claims like “excellence, " “innovative, " and “commited to customer service. " This task may take some time, but it is essential. You will set yourself apart from 99.9% of the offers your market receives because you can back up the emotional content of your pitch with real proof.

Write down exactly what you want your reader to do.

What are the specific steps you want your prospect to take? Do you want them to sign up for something, attend an event, go somewhere, order a product, request more information? Knowing the actions you are seeking will drive the content of your campaign both in form and in words.
Know your prospect's style.

Get intimately familiar with your target market.

Know how they talk, what they do, how they dress, what kind of cars they drive. Then write from that knowledge. Use a voice that your prospect will recognize and be comfortable with. And make sure that testimonials do the same thing. They need to match your audience in personality and expression.

Discipline yourself to focus on just one thing.

Many of us have numerous irons in the fire in our businesses. We can provide any number of products or services that will help our customers. In your direct response campaign, though, home in on just one thing. This one thing could be a specific product or service, or it could be a theme that “umbrellas" all your company has to offer. Whatever your choose, be vigilant about staying on track. Eliminate any content that isn't germane to the one thing, no matter how well it reads or characterizes your company. Be precise, and save the extra stuff for future campaigns.

Know your measurements.

Before getting started with campaign preparation, decide on your metrics. What are you going to use as a gauge of the campaign's effectiveness? Number of sales? Number of new customers? Number of subscriptions? Know how you will collect your metrics and build that into your campaign.

Whether you create the content yourself or hire a contractor to prepare it, these building blocks will help you construct your best campaign ever-and to keep improving for the future.

About the Author:

John Assaraf is a New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur with a unique passion for quantum physics and neuroscience, and teaches people how to apply findings from these disciplines to achieve success in business and in life. Assaraf is Founder and CEO of OneCoach, the world's leading franchisor for small-business growth services. OneCoach franchisees provide entrepreneurs with customized solutions they need to grow their small businesses, including interactive coaching, best practices and networking. The OneCoach business-growth system combines the latest scientific research with proven strategies to give every small-business owner the best chance for achieving success. For more information, please visit .


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