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In Direct Sales - Assume Bookings For Best Success

Lisa Young

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The consistent complaint I hear from home party consultants is the desire to increase bookings both at and away from shows.

Consultants acknowledge the importance of bookings, are willing to “do anything" in order to get bookings, yet sometimes it's the simplest things that prevent us from securing those bookings.

Choose your words carefully. Do you believe that booking a party with you is the best experience in the world? Or are you like many consultants that approach customers as if they are doing you a favor by hosting a show?

Once you carry yourself as though everyone would want to book from you, your results will improve. It sounds cliche, but it's true. When you know you're the best, people will believe you. Carry yourself with confidence that your party is the best party on the block.

Invite people to book with you. It seems obvious, but make sure you are asking people to book with you. If you leave an invitation open-ended, they just might book with someone else. Tell your guests that you will be inviting them to book with you when they check out. And continue to plant booking seeds throughout your presentation.

Assume that everyone wants to book with you. This doesn't mean that you should skip the invitation! On the contrary, you should do your inviting under the assumption that everyone wants to book a party. Instead of using word choices like “Could you see yourself having a party in the next 30 days?", invite your guests to pick the best day that works for their calendar. Here are some example word choices:

"Thinking of you and your friends, would weekends or weeknights work best for your party?"

"You had such a good time tonight! What day are we going to schedule your party?"

"You were so much fun tonight! I can't wait to give you all the free hostess gifts. Which night will work best for you?"

By assuming the booking, your potential hostess still has a chance to say no, but because you've not verbalized that choice, they are more likely to book. You've made an open invitation in a more appealing way, and you've asserted your level of confidence in your product in a way that isn't pushy.

Above all, keep the guest's best interests in mind. Don't push for a date if they're just not sure. Be firm, however on hostess benefits. If your hostess won't get credit for their booking, let them know. They may decide to move up their party - or they may need to keep it where it's at. Rigid company rules can sometimes break the momentum of bookings at a show. Use your discretion as a consultant to do what's best for the customer AND for you.

Tired of trading hours for money, Lisa Young gave up her 8 to 5 for a direct sales career that now spans over 10 years. Lisa's blog, Real Life Marketing, reveals the realities of what it takes to be successful in the eyes of your customer, using real-life examples you can learn from today. You can visit Real Life Marketing at

Unlike other industry writers, who left direct sales to pursue speaking careers, Lisa is still in the trenches, running her direct sales business and leading her teams to success. Her book, Home Party Solution is a step-by-step method to harness the internet to boost bookings, sales and recruits. Read the first chapter free and subscribe to the monthly business boosting e-zine, “PartyOn!" at


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