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In Direct Sales - 10 Things Every New Consultant Must Do

Lisa Young

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Regardless of your company, your product, your location or your ability as a salesperson, there are a few things that every network marketer should be doing. I'm addressing this article to new direct sales consultants, because they are most likely to take advantage of it, and make it soar.

In no particular order they are:

  1. Know your contract. Simply knowing what you can and can't do as a distributor can make you infinitely more successful.
  2. Get your own personal website. I strongly encourage a “.com" domain. When possible, use your own name and never use your company/business name for various reasons.
  3. Get your own blog. Not sure what to write about? Check out Seth Godin's blog traffic article . It will completely confound you and educate you at the same time.
  4. Keep a separate business bank account. Don't co-mingle funds. It makes for easier bookkeeping, and it makes it easier to give yourself a paycheck consistently.
  5. Promote yourself first. You are the most important product your company has to offer. Everything I write about hinges on that fact. People want to know about you, THEN everything else. If they don't know, like or trust you, the party's over before it started.
  6. Get product knowledge. Know your top ten products in detail. Know how they work for the end user. Understand each product from your client's point of view. The more you know, the better you'll be able to help your clients make an affirmative buying decision.
  7. Get sales and marketing knowledge. Learn the techniques and words to say that will increase your business, close more sales, and make you more successful.
  8. Get personal knowledge. Learn the techniques, skills and abilities to overcome your obstacles. Know what makes you tick and keep improving it on a daily basis.
  9. Open your mouth. This is not about the 3 foot rule. This is about letting people know about what you're all about. You should have a 30-second commercial or “elevator speech" ready at a moments notice. More importantly, you should be sharing how much you enjoy what you do with others. Don't keep it a secret. Don't hide it under a bushel. Of course, if network marketing is a drudge and you hate it, quit now while you're only out the cost of your starter kit.
  10. Be remarkable. In life, love, work, or play. With family, friends, customers, leaders, strangers and everywhere you go, find a way to be true to yourself in a way that makes others take notice. Unremarkable marketers are around every corner. There are thousands of them in every direct sales company. What are you doing to be memorable, remarkable and unique? You don't have to wear a “bozo" wig and a clown nose. You do need to find a way to connect to people that is genuine, honest, and memorable - in a good way.

Tired of trading hours for money, Lisa Young gave up her 8 to 5 for a direct sales career that now spans over 10 years. Lisa's blog, Real Life Marketing, reveals the realities of what it takes to be successful in the eyes of your customer, using real-life examples you can learn from today. You can visit Real Life Marketing at

Unlike other industry writers, who left direct sales to pursue speaking careers, Lisa is still in the trenches, running her direct sales business and leading her teams to success. Her book, Home Party Solution is a step-by-step method to harness the internet to boost bookings, sales and recruits. Read the first chapter free and subscribe to the monthly business boosting e-zine, “PartyOn!" at


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