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In Direct Sales - The Power of Three Can Explode Your Business

Lisa Young

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In a recent assessment of consultant sales, one of the major players in the Home Party industry made a staggering discovery: just three more attendees can dramatically increase the average ticket sales and average show sales of a party - even if all the attendees don't buy a thing!

At a leadership development event, the cosmetics and toiletries provider boasted a significant increase in not only show sales, but average customer spend based solely on the number of attendees.

What does this mean for you? Plenty.

According to the study, a party with 4 guests averaged $100-150 in total sales (or roughly $43 per person), whereas a show with 7 guests (just 3 more people) had an average of $400-450 (about $59 per guest). What about a show with 10 guests? Just 3 MORE people yielded an average of $600-700 (about $63 per guest). Would it be worth it to encourage more people to come to your parties - even if they don't order anything? The answer is a resounding “Yes!"

But why?

Marketing guru Dan Kennedy may have the answer. He once said “Go out and get yourself a herd. " The “herd" mentality stems from the notion that if everyone is doing it, it must be “the right thing" to do. Follow the herd and be part of the “in crowd". Be safe if you're in the herd.

How big is your herd? What can you do to increase your herd by just 3 more? the potential for big gains is substantial. The most effective way to encourage attendance at your parties? Invite at least 3 times as many people as you want to attend.

Statistics show that of 30 people invited to a party, half of them will be unable to attend due to other commitments, of the remaining 15 people, one-third to one-half of them will be unable to attend at the last minute. I offer incentives to my hostess for giving me a guest list with 30 names and addresses on it. The guest list is party insurance. To increase attendance, I offer incentives to my guests on their invitations.

Yes, I send invitations, and my testing shows that 10-14 days before the event is the ideal time to send out the invitations. Any later than that and folks may not get them before the event. I ALWAYS include my company website so that guests can order online if they are unable to attend, along with a note that the hostess will still get credit for their online order. I also include a sticker that says “bring a friend and get a free gift". The gift doesn't have to be large - it could be free shipping or an inexpensive card or a discount on their purchase.

The idea is to increase attendance - by just three more.

What ways can you encourage your hostess to “just add three"? The power of 3 is remarkable, and the herd mentality will blow you away once you harness it.

After nearly 10 years in Direct Sales, Lisa Young stopped listening to her up-line and started seeking professional sales and marketing wisdom from the far corners of big business. Today Lisa offers ready-to-use insights, tips and inspiration to others in the Home Party Plan community looking to run their business like a business and achieve success. Lisa's free monthly newsletter “PartyOn!" features articles from a business perspective designed to help MLM reps reach their booking, sales and recruiting goals. You can sign up for the newsletter at


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