Real Estate Postcards are an Effective Marketing Tool for Realtors

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Real Estate agents all over the US are finding that the aggressive use of real estate postcards to promote their name and services is very effective in gaining new clients and increasing commissions. Let’s examine why postcards work.

Real Estate Postcards are both affordable and attention-grabbing. Because a postcard doesn't need an envelope, your message has a head start at getting attention. The start of any successful marketing effort begins with an attention-grabbing first impression.

Real estate marketing postcards have been around for a long time, and have been loved by marketing professionals because they are highly visible and tend to generate response. With today’s printing technology, full-color real estate postcards are more affordable than ever.

Real estate marketing Postcards get read by over 99% of your prospects. Think about the last time you received a postcard in the mail. What did you do with it? If you’re like most people you probably read it as soon as you took it out of your mailbox. You may then throw it away, but by that time the marketing message already got to you.

It’s this immediate impact that makes real estate postcards so effective in prospecting. You only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention, and a postcard can do that better than any other mail piece because the headline and marketing message are right there shouting at the reader. No envelope to open, no paper to sort through.

Real estate marketing postcards are far cheaper to send than regular mail. You can mail a 4.25 inch by 5.5 inch postcard via First Class Mail for only 23 cents. You can make small, targeted postcard campaigns and get the same results as an expensive print or broadcast campaign might bring.

Another benefit of real estate postcards is that you can mail them bulk mail (standard mail), and the impact is the same. There is no reason to pay for first class postage. This allows you to go as large as 11 inches x 6 inches and still be within the range of a standard mail letter, which will only cost you between 17 cents and 23 cents to mail depending on your list. These oversized real estate marketing postcards really stand out on the mail.

For real estate agents, the key to success is to mail to the same “farming” area over and over to get your name in front of potential clients enough so that they remember you when it is time to list or buy a home. The most successful agents mail at least 500 real estate postcards every time they list or sell a home to the immediate area surrounding the property. In addition, they mail general real estate marketing postcard messages on a monthly basis, such as “Find Out what Your Home is Worth” to their entire farming area. They also mail holiday greetings and calendar cards. They create special promotions or joint venture promotions with local businesses such as “Come in to our Flower Shop and get a Free Valentine Rose Compliments of Jane Williams Realty”. They mail “Recent Sales in Your Area” cards.

Newsletters are also powerful relationship building tools, and successful agents work those into their mailing campaigns as well.

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