The Fortune is in the Follow Up

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It is taught in direct marketing that 20% of the customers who have told you no in the past will change their mind and say yes later if they are continually followed up with. In these days of information overload it is virtually impossible to follow up with all of our contacts since they are not just local anymore, but global. Lists upon lists of contacts are available to us which makes it even more impossible. So most of us go on and sell as usual, rarely getting back with people who have not felt that our product or service was for them at the time.

Steven Burke saw that problem and designed an innovative new software to help us have follow up with everyone we have ever spoken to. Not only does it follow up, but automatically makes initial contacts to potential new customers also. Businesses who take advantage of this software will see their sales increase exponentially. There is no way to describe the amazing capabilities of this software except to see a demonstration. Automation has certainly going to have a direct, positive impact on the sales world.

Right now the software is only available to small private businesses but in just a few short weeks it will be available commercially as well.

For information on this incredible problem solving software please visit

We are the ONLY team with unlimited private training available.


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