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To Achieving Project Manager Status

Julie Lord

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Whether you're still going through project manager training courses, or you're in employment looking to become a project manager, there are lots of ways to achieve project manager status. A good mix of skills, determination and experience will help you go far - this isn't an easy industry to be part of but it is incredibly rewarding.

Here are some tips to help you achieve project manager status:


Networking means speaking to everyone and anyone you can whenever you can. Become a social butterfly - embrace even the smallest interaction with someone who could potentially land you a PM job. Don't ever discount someone as being an unnecessary contact. Even Jan on reception upstairs could know Simon who knows Colin from the organisations sister company who is hiring a project manager in the next few weeks. Let people know that you are seeking this position. They might just give you advice, they might be able to offer you work experience - they might even offer you a job - you never know.

Social Media Matters

Got a blog? If you don't have one - start one. Blogs are fast becoming online CV's that potential employers browse before committing to an interview with a candidate. If you're passionate about project management, or simply passionate about any subject (as long as it's not too risque!) then write about it, or even better talk about it on a video blog. This shows you're willing to put the time and effort into something because you care about it. You're not getting paid for it - you're simply putting the effort in because you're committed to the cause. This will impress any employer, not to mention your current boss if you're employed.

Keep Ahead Of TheGame

Make sure you're always well in the know about industry news and advances. Make sure you can walk into any interview or opportunity and not only understand any references to new methodology or advances, but you can even teach the other person something new. Read articles, watch seminars, keep up to date so you're always one step ahead of the game.

Have The Skills And Attributes Employers Value

Understand what employers want in a project manager and make sure you can deliver those skills or attributes. Most employers will want:

? Problem Solvers

? The Ability To Engage Stakeholders

? A Hunger For Further Learning And Experience

? A Person Willing To Be Mentored Who Doesn't Think They Know It All

? Someone Who Is A Team Player

? A Person With High Levels Of Emotional Intelligence

? Someone Who Understands The Organisation And Their Customers

? Someone Who Is Flexible In Their Approach

Project Management Training

Not so long ago, project manager status came from an individual in an organisation ‘falling into’ the job role. Where they may have been needed to complete certain tasks that resulted in them ‘taking on’ the position. However, these days education really is key. Even if you have a good level of work experience completing project management tasks, there will always be someone next to you who has more skills and project management courses under their belt. You can never have too many project management certificates when it comes to trying to get a PM job role - get trained and get successful.


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