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The Best Project Management Apps

Julie Lord

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An amazing project manager will always have an amazing selection of the best project management apps, because, well, why not? Technology is there for the taking, so why not use it to your advantage and make life easier using the best project management apps available? Project management courses always include sections on organisation because you must be extremely organised to be great in this job role. These apps help you hone your organisation skills and refine your scheduling.

Here are some of the best project management apps:

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is an all round gem, providing you with lists, calendars and other useful tools. What makes it stand out? It is extremely easy to use. It doesn't matter how tech savvy you are, it's always nice to use an app you don't need a degree in computer science to operate. It's colourful, bright and very easy to adapt to your personal style. Perfect for project managers who want an ‘all-rounder’ to help them smatter their schedules and lists onto with ease.


With a focus on note taking, this app is pretty much a digital version of post-it notes, only with more uses. Expect to be able to connect with others, log research and analytical information. This is a great app for those with little time and an appreciation for apps with style.


For those of you who like to get a little deeper on your organisation, this is the app for you. It's not so much about what you put in, as what the app helps you get out of it. There's plenty of opportunity to set reminders and automated systems as well as adapting certain notifications to match changes in time or location. This is an app that gives back.


Project management is a career that literally sucks time from you. If you ever meet a project manager who says they don't feel they are short on time, they're either in between jobs or not doing their job well enough! Although there isn't a Bernards Watch style app to pause time for you (if only), there are plenty of apps that help you streamline your schedule and place activities in such a way that you're working as efficiently as possible.


Ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique? It works on the basis that if you give yourself two hours to do a task, it will take you the full two hours to complete that task. Therefore if you give yourself 25 minutes to do a task, it should only take you 25 minutes. This doesn't work for everything of course but, it's quite a motivating method to follow. 30/30 works on a similar premise and cuts the day up into 30 minute slots, helping you micro-manage your time.

Other great apps to consider are CloudMagic, Asana, Trello, Shoeboxed, Basecamp, Wunderlist, Podio and Wrike. If you're fairly new to project management and have recently invested in some project management training , such as APMP , PRINCE2 or PMP, organisation apps are particularly useful as they can help you to learn how to manage your time effectively.


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