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Project Management - Easy Ways to Irritate your Team

Julie Lord

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It can be all too easy to irritate team members without knowing you're doing it. As a project manager, it is important you avoid this at all costs as you need your team on board.

The role of a project manager is one that other members of the team look up to and aspire to. Project management training can teach you how to be a good role model for your team and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls that could lead you to becoming very unpopular in the workplace.

Here are just some of the ways you could easily irritate your project team:

Delegating Only the Worst Tasks

If you give your staff all the boring grunt work and give yourself the exciting tasks that will grab the attention of line manager and leave you with all the glory, you will soon find that there is a build-up of resentment within your team. Not only are you not utilising their skills appropriately, you are also preventing them from progressing in their careers. Project management courses can teach you how to delegate effectively.

Lack of Communication

Not divulging important information to the team or not fully explaining the objectives of a project will soon get on peoples’ nerves. Make sure you share all relevant information and ensure that the outcomes of the project are fully understood by everyone.

Leaving Earlier than Everyone Else

Sometimes your project will be running on a tight schedule and your team may have to work at full capacity to complete the project successfully. When your team are working at full capacity and putting in the extra hours while you are regularly finishing work early, it will be noticed and not appreciated within the team.

Being Disrespectful

Just because you are in a senior position does not give you the right to act disrespectfully to any member of the team. Even if you do not particularly like a certain member of staff, you should treat them courteously and professionally at all times.

Lack of Credit

Constantly taking the credit for the successful completion of projects and not praising those who have made contributions or highlighting their role to managers will de-motivate the team and make them dislike working with you. For example; if a colleague takes control of one phase in the project management process, but you take credit for the whole process, then you will instantly be disliked by that member of the team.

It is important to remember that people will not automatically dislike you if you make a mistake, as long as you own up to that mistake and where necessary, apologise for it. If you think a particular member of the team has an issue with you, talk to them about it in a calm and considered manner and find out how you can resolve it. You should also make the most of appraisals with your manager so you can identify reasons you could be irritating people unnecessarily.

To find out more about acting professionally and being respected by your team, think about enrolling on project management training courses to develop the appropriate PM skills and knowledge for the role.


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