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Importance Of Portfolio Management Software

James Darrel

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To start with portfolio management relates to the process of analysing the strengths, opportunities, weakness and threats for performing a lot of tasks which are related to the portfolio of an individual or organisation to maximise the output. It mainly helps in selecting various tradeoffs like growth vs. safety or equity vs.debt and so on. Thismanagement of portfolios are done by type of software which is known as Portfolio Management Software. The tasks which these kinds of managements include are:

  • Matching of investments to the objectives
  • Taking the right decision about investment policy
  • Balancing the risk against the performance
  • Allocation of assets to institutions or individual
  • Making decisions regarding timing of the sell and buy

A portfolio of an individual or any company is built by buying different kind of investments like mutual funds, stocks, additional bonds, etc. One is said to own an investment portfolio if he has more than a single security. The main mission of the owner of the portfolio is to increase its value by proper selection of investments that in turn yields good return. Some facts about portfolio management are:

  • It is a target oriented and gold driven and target based task
  • It includes number of investment vehicles
  • Building up a portfolio involves taking the right and major decisions or else the whole project will fail
  • It involves a lot of risks

According to the new theory of portfolio management, the software for portfolio managementincludes all the types’securities. This reduces the risk involved in investment considerably as if one security fails the other may yield strong returns to cover up for the loss. Portfolio management are of different types. These are:

  • Application portfolio management- This type involves the management of groups of software applications in the portfolio. The complete group or the subset of the applications itself are considered as the investments because these involves the maintenance and the development costs
  • Product portfolio management- The product type of portfolio management includes grouping of major products which are developed and sold by companies into portfoliosthese products are arranged in accordance to the major line of business. The addition of new products here helps in variegating the investments or the risks involved in investments
  • Project portfolio management- This type of management involves a defined end and a beginning. It also says the exact and limited collection of the work products or the results desired

Portfolio is a very important possession of an individual or a company in their fields. Therefore managing one's portfolio becomes very important as it determines the growth. Thus, role of a comprehensive Portfolio Management Software isimmense.

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Portfolio management services can be a good investment if done properly
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