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Partner Relationship Management Makes Channel Management Lot Easy for the Vendors

Walt Robertson

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Channel partners have emerged as the business requirement for suppliers. They help companies enhance their business and so achieve various geographical areas. Though good for their business several distributors don't really appreciate the idea of getting many channel partners because it will make it difficult for them to keep a an eye on them. As big distributors have 100s or 1000s of channel partners supporting them in their business, communicating with channel partners, keeping them well informed, having a an eye on their sales record as well as giving them loyalty and so performance benefits, is very a task in itself if carried out manually. However due to the advancement of technology, you will find software for example Partner Relationship Management (PRM) that may make channel management lot easy for the suppliers. Besides, vendors may even choose to hire out some of the difficult tasks of partner training and moreover certification to channel management agencies.

Described here are some of the duties of channel partner management that can be made simple by means of software or through help of channel management agencies.

* Partner Communications

Sellers can keep direct contact with each of their channel partners simultaneously by means of partner portals. A web based software, partner portals are the most favored ways of partner communications. It will help producers to stay connected with their channel partners. Sellers can add sensitive info for example price change or a change in business strategy, which will only be visible to channel partners. As partner portals ease probably the most difficult task of partner communications, it can make channel partner management lot simple. What's more, effective communication helps vendors to maintain good relations with their channel partners that help strengthen the business.

* Partner Certification

If preferred, distributors could even select to outsource the task of partner certification as well as co-ordination of certification programs to agencies. These firms keep a an eye on channels partner's participation in training programs plus sales performance and help sellers find the best candidate for rewards. By just outsourcing work, firms can save precious time. As well as, rewarding partners when needed help to keep partners motivated and moreover loyal.

* Partner Training

Channel partner training is an important still one of the most complicated work for any vendor. Collecting and also motivating channel partners to learn regarding their business practices and also making them put into action those learning is a difficult task specially when managing 100s of channel partners. Knowing the dilemma of distributors, some agencies took the burden of partner training on themselves. Sellers can outsource the task of partner training to professional agencies for example RelayWare which have resources and technology to take up this difficult work. These agencies assess the knowledge baselines plus training requirements of several channel partners and help to create an exciting training curriculum using audio and even video technology specific to the requirements of the channel partners. This content is then published in the partner portals so which it will become accessible to channel partners. The firms help carry out online tests plus training events to ensure transfer of knowledge to channel partners.


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