Paradigms or Bust

Graeme Nichol

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It’s amazing, people we meet and know are all striving for success, in business or their personal lives but they rarely achieve it. Or rarely do they think they have achieved it. Why is this? They have a mindset that holds them back. We read about this and similar statements and then laugh it off as some mumbo jumbo foo foo stuff.

Why? Well probably because of our education and backgrounds. The more educated we are the more we ask; “How can that #@$bleeping stuff be of any value to me?” Then we realize that in many ways our education was designed to create workers who didn’t challenge the conventions and wisdoms!

One of the powerful mental attitudes we have is our individual paradigm under which we operate. This paradigm for all intents and purposes is created through our learning and our experiences. The good stuff and the bad. Now it’s the bad stuff we are trying to shy away from to move ahead with our lives and careers. Well, we could learn from the bad stuff as well as the successes. Build on the successes for even greater rewards.

The ‘knowing doing gap’. We know what to do but just are not doing it, or enough of it!

We know that our brains are living organs that are programmed by us on a daily basis. What we tell our brain is what our brains allow us to do. The synapses of the brain and associated chemistry are what create our memory.

One of the great things about science is its assumption that what we think we know today will probably be proven wrong tomorrow. Developed theories, by earlier scientists are essentially platforms enabling us to climb higher, as Sir Isaac Newton said, “If I have been privileged to see farther than others, it’s because I stood on the shoulders of giants. ”

It’s only by asking questions, challenging the assumptions and the “truths” taken for granted at a point in time, that science progresses. The Pythagorean Brotherhood knew this and tried to keep control of knowledge. They only wanted their brotherhood to succeed. They didn’t succeed and society has developed and thrived as a response!

What if this turned out to be true for our personal lives, our individual growth and progress? What if we could challenge our assumptions and do things we never thought possible? Guess what? You can. It is true. When you break free of your assumptions about yourself, you will grow more than you ever thought possible.

It’s amazing to see how many businesses falter under limiting beliefs. We can’t sell so many! That will never work here… We tried that… are all limiting their success.

In developing strategic plans; do we look at our belief systems, collectively and individually? No. We do SWOT analyses and Porters’ 5 Forces but we don’t look at the factors inhibiting success within the individuals creating the plan. Or the factors affecting the learning disabilities of the organization. So if we can create new paradigms that will take the organization and its staff to new successes, wouldn’t that be powerful?

Including your limiting paradigm and developing a powerful new paradigm going forward is what will lead us to success.

Isn’t this interesting? What is amazing is that this is a core part of the Best Year Yet Process. Test it out for yourself as a free introduction at cfm?lang=US please ut the code283 in so I know how many of my readers looked at this!

By Graeme Nichol of Arcturus Advisors. Please visit their website at Arcturus Advisors works with the Best Year Yet process to help business teams increase their productivity and performance by ensuring that team members are all on the same page and pulling in the same direction.


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