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Setting Up Your Home Office: Tips and Hints


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If you’re a student, self-employed or regularly work from home for some other reason, you probably have some sort of home office set-up in your study. But it most likely developed without much of a plan, just slowly growing as your needs grew or changed. However, a bit of planning and attention to detail can make this home office into a far more productive and effective space, allowing you to both save and make more money. And that’s something no self-motivated individual can say no to. Here are some tips and hints for making your home office into a winning proposition:

Space it out. Most home offices end up being cluttered with loose files, sheets of paper and other detritus which you get from working too hard. Keeping your desks ordered and using a simple filing system (combined with cabinets and labels) may not be second nature to most people, but it can save you a whole lot of hassle in the long run. One especially useful trick is to keep physical trays on your desk for Inbox, Outbox and Work In Progress, allowing you to better prioritise and organise the documents which you’re dealing with.

Be prepared. Do you have everything you need in the office? Quite often your home office will be missing one or more critical items like fax machines, scanners or external hard-drives, and if you’re not careful you’ll end up having to scramble when the need arises. If the cost of these items is worrying you, you should look to finance computer equipment through renting, leasing, or even buying second-hand. They may not be used on a day to day business, but a full suite of office equipment will save you in an emergency – like when you have one client only uses faxes.

Good light, work right. Lighting may not be a main consideration when setting up your home office, but without a good light source you’ll find yourself muddling through your work and feeling pretty average in the process. While a room with lots of natural light is refreshing, it can also interfere with how you view your computer monitor and even cause damage to fragile documents if too intense. Make sure you have thick curtains for when you need to cut out natural light, and install one or two lamps for those late nights at the computer. Energy-saving globes are a good way to save the earth and your wallet, while fluorescent lights are a no-no for their flicker.

Staying productive at home means having a good home office set up and a little self-discipline to avoid slacking off. But at the end of the day, there’s no place like home – even for working hard.

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