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Rescue and Recover - Mistakes That Wont Die But If Kept Alive Will Hurt You

Paul Godines

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This is for those times when you make a Mistake in your Career and it Doesn't Seem To Die But If Kept Alive May Actually Hurt You and damage your credibility and reputation.

Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Organizational Leaders and everyone in between will likely face this dilemma at one time or another. Lets say, you make a decision and its wrong, now what do you do? You could shrug it off which is the best first step, but what should you do if the mistake just doesn't seem to die?

More importantly if this mistake is kept alive it will likely ruin your ability to perform at your best.

There are two specific techniques you can use to help you put your mistke to rest, and its important to do so, but gently, because confrontation is your enemy.

The first thing to do when after your mistake is to redirect the discussion of your mistake, by using one of the following techniques, use which ever seems to be appropriate.

Basic Technique - Use Humor and Laughter, saying for example ‘I'm glad that's over', or say ‘312 more to go! “. Gentle humor has a way of smoothly relaxing a discussion.

Advanced Technique - If that doesn't seem to work or it just doesn't feel comfortable, agree with them about the mistake you made, say ‘you're right, it was a big mistake, but with Toms help I'm not going to make those types of mistakes again. '

In this case Tom is a highly respected Black Belt or a fellow Worker, Manager or a Career Mentor whose helping you, they have a great deal of respect. And by mentioning them in this case you're borrowing their credibility for a moment. Now it's you and your Mentor that is working on improving your performance. If your mentor is well liked no one will likely say anything disrespectful against your Mentor.

Backup Plan - There is another technique you can use, its reliable and takes no effort on your part what so ever. The technique is to just wait until someone else makes a mistake, the memory of your mistake will fade with time and with someone else's mistake to focus on.

Drama that surrounds mistakes is like a rabbit, it tends to hop from to green grass, to to green grass. What that means to you is that looking at your mistake from 6 months away your mistake tends to look a lot less critical than it does the morning after your mistake.

Don't lose confidence in your ability to lead, just realize that mistakes have a life of their own and with some professional handeling and time you will overcome them with little or no effort and lots of experience to gain from. You can overcome the Mistakes in your Career even if it Doesn't Seem To Die But If Kept Alive May Actually Hurt Your Career.

Good Luck and let me know if I can help.

Paul Godines from Adapt on a asks, Career Goals - Got Some? For a list of “10 Ways To REALLY Profit From FAILURE" send an email to me, and I'll send you the Formula for free! Visit us at


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