Reward Your Employees with Travel Incentives


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Reward your Employees with Travel Incentives

Motivating employees, especially highly competitive employees like inside and outside salespersons and telemarketers, can be a challenge. Sure, everyone likes cash, but what if you could offer a incentive that was worth more than cash? That's what travel incentives are all about.

What do you think would generate more excitement among your employees; offering $50 to the person who sets the most appointments in one day, or offering a 3 day and 2 nights hotel stay in Hawaii including airfare? I'll bet that you didn't have to think about that for too long. The Hawaii trip wins hands down.

I'll also bet that you're thinking “sure, I would love to give away a travel incentive deal like that, but how can I afford it?" Prepare to be shocked. You see, travel incentive coupons sell for pennies on the dollar. The key to success in offering travel incentives is their perceived value, not their actual cost to you. The truth is, most travel incentive coupons cost under $10 each. That means that instead of giving away $50 in real money, you're spending less than $10 and giving away something that's worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Travel incentives are coupons good for real travel to desirable destinations. There are no gimmicks. The travel industry authorizes distribution of these coupons through approved brokers. Depending upon the offer, these certificates can be redeemed for air travel, cruises, hotel stays, and lots of other travel opportunities.

Hotel and airline operators know that they will rarely be booked to 100% of their capacity. Rather than have empty seats or rooms, they offer free travel deals. They know that the vacationer is going to spend more money on food, sightseeing, and other products and services during their stay, so the free travel offer isn't a dead loss. In addition, airline and hotel management is counting on the fact that the guest will have such a good time that they will come back some other time and pay full fare.

This means that travel incentives are a triple win. The airlines win, the hotels win, and you win by offering a productivity incentive with a perceived value many times greater than the actual cost. You'll be a hero with your employees and productivity will soar.

Where to buy travel incentives

You should only buy your travel incentives from an authorized travel incentives broker. That way you are assured of receiving genuine certificates that are good on major airlines and at quality hotels. There are a lot of inferior travel offers out there, and you don't want to disappoint your employee by sending them to a second-rate hotel on an unknown airline.

One of the other advantages of dealing with authorized brokers is that they are able to offer you the ability to combine different travel incentive coupons to create even better packages. For example, you can combine a 3 day, 2 night, 3-star hotel package with a $500 spending certificate in some cities.

Another popular combination is to create a getaway package that includes dream vacations like a 4 or 5-star hotel package that's combined with a free round-trip airfare travel coupon. It doesn't get any better than that!

Stop offering boring bonuses and give your best performing employees the travel vacation of their dreams. Ordering travel incentive coupons is easy, inexpensive, and can be done 100% on-line.

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