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Controlling Your Telecom Expenses Isn't As Difficult As You May Believe

Robert A. Barber

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More than one employee has opened up the window in his office and considered leaping out because he was saddled with the responsibility of managing the company's telecom expenditure. There is a better way out, though.

Don't Jump From The Window!

Telecom Expense Management is a complex undertaking. There is more to it than merely ordering a cell phone and service for a new employee, or simply paying the monthly invoices that land on the desk. Telecom expenditure is generally one of the top three sources of cash outlay in business today. That being the case, there is no doubt great opportunity to eliminate waste and make your entire telecom usage more efficient.

First you must control your telecom assets, which means knowing which employee has what wireless device. This is best done with a centralized system that requires all new purchases/leases, exchanges, replacements and additions go through that single point. It allows complete and real-time inventory control, which is critical for Telecom Expense Management. The same applies to the your wireline assets.

There Is More

Additionally, Telecom Expense Management involves close scrutiny of monthly invoices. The complex and detailed statements must be gone over to find all errors and discrepancies, which need to be followed though to resolution. Do you have the time and tools to handle hundreds of them?

Next is Expense Optimization. Does every employee need wireless data service? Do they all need a PDA? Do some need a simple pager instead of a wireless device? Does each device have the necessary service plan, or does each one have every expensive, but unnecessary frill available? The TEM team will work with you to determine who needs what service, and eliminate wasteful spending. A good Telecom Expense Management team is vendor neutral, so it will find the best deal available, without any bias toward any one provider.

And Even More Yet!

There are more reasons to consider Telecom Expense Management that I won't go into here. It is best to contact a TEM company directly and give them the chance to explain how they can drastically reduce your telecom expenditure without reducing your company's efficiency. The savings they find will most likely be more than their fees. Give them a call. Your bottom line will thank you.

Robert is currently working for Integrity Communications , a business specializing in Telecom Expense Magagement. He lives in eastern Kansas. A retired police dispatcher, he now resides in the country with his wife and 2 of his 3 sons. Toss in a couple of dogs and a few cats and you have the rest of the crew. He is a freelance writer who has created articles on subjects such as police work, scanners and 2-way radios, motorcycles and motorcycle painting, promotional advertising products and marketing. Click here to see some of the offerings from Integrity Communications.


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