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Paul Shearstone

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The Resilience Formula

Anyone can argue the accuracy of the Millions and Billions now purported spent each year by business and healthcare on stress-related illnesses and workplace absenteeism. Nevertheless, whatever the correct number is… it’s BIG! …and it is, in the Billions!

In a new global economy where every cent is crucial to corporate survival, governments and business can no longer afford to ignore this costly and ever-growing crisis.

The phrase Employee Burnout is common in this new millennium’s lexicon. Sadly, so is the phrase Long-Term Disability. What can be done about this?

Whether it’s stress on the job, at home or a combination of both, most everyone understands and accepts that responsibility and stress are simply a fact of life. What most people do not recognize, however, are important things like:

  • What exactly causes personal stress and how it diminishes their quality of life,
  • The [predictable] physiological and social, negative outcomes from uncontrolled stress, and
  • The significance of learned Resilience and its relationship to Peak Performance!

    Psychologists tell us that behavior of any kind – positive or negative - is learned through repetition. Learning to be more resilient is every bit as behavioral as learning to succeed. It is an integral ingredient for health, wellness and peak performance.

    As one learns to Recognize the unfeigned motivations for their stress and imbalance, so too can they learn to Respond with strategic tools, designed to minimize the destructive aspects of stress. Breathing exercises, energy-management methods, psychological behavioral-triggers and priority-listing techniques are all integral parts of a proven Resilience Formula that teaches people ways to re-galvanize their time, focus and energy. It ensures an enhanced quality of life whilst saving business and healthcare, money.

    The expression, Knowledge is Power, is redundant because most of us understand knowledge is rendered valueless if it is not put to use. A successful resilience strategy shares this same logic.

    Having a clear grasp of how we are affected by stress and Recognizing its detrimental consequences, is in itself, the right first step. Learning new techniques and ways to minimize stress – what to do about it - for improved health-balance and increased productivity, is unmistakably, the correct way to Respond.

    On the other hand, one must remember that stress never takes a holiday… then conduct one’s self accordingly. In keeping with knowledge and power, the most important part of a resilience formula, encompasses one’s strength of Resolve. An approach like this consists of a blend of a renewed psychological awareness in lockstep with real, tangible tools and techniques, expressly designed to control stress and garner Peak Performance.

    To be successful, however, one must learn to inculcate these tools and techniques into their daily activities and Resolve to practice and hone what is, a life-balancing strategy. They must make it an essential part of who they are. Remember, good behavior is learned, as is successful behavior - accomplished only to the degree one can Resolve to make them a fundamental part of their subconscious mind. Moreover, making them habitual and without need for thought or justification.

    Individuals looking to advance, invest a great deal of time and money in higher education. They learn tools, techniques and strategies designed to make them specialists in whatever discipline they choose. As a result, they transform themselves into valuable commodities [contributors] from which they, corporations and society, benefit. That benefit evaporates, however, the minute they lose focus and control - when they discover they are unarmed in life’s battle to stand Resilient against stress.

    The Bottom Line:

    Now, more than ever, companies and governments must take steps to invest in the lifeblood of what keeps corporations profitable and healthy – People. Millions and Billions… stand in the balance!


    Paul Shearstone, international Keynote Speaker, Author and Chronic Fatigue Survivor, is one of North America’s experts on Stress-Reduction and Peak Performance. His 3Rs Resilience Formula improves Performance & Profitability, Saving companies and Healthcare, Money …Guaranteed!

    For more information on this seminar or others Paul delivers, we invite you to contact:

    Success 150 Group Inc 7305 Woodbine Ave. Suite 458 Markham On Cda L3R 3V7 B:416-728-5556 or 866-855-4590

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