The Two Most Powerful Words in Business


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There’s a series of television commercials currently running for a bank rewards program. It features people who find an unusual way to get out of awkward situations.

My favorite is the one where a man and woman are sitting in a fine restaurant when the lady brings up “the talk. ” Ladies, you know the one, the “where is this relationship going” speech. The woman in the commercial comes right to the point, “When are we getting married?”

The poor guy gets the “deer in the headlights” look on his face and says of the first thing that comes to mind, “Thank you!” Well his girlfriend is so surprised and thrilled to hear these golden words she completely forgets the whole marriage talk.

This illustrates in a humorous way the power of those two little words, Thank You.

Everyone has a psychological need to feel wanted and appreciated. Appreciation is such a little thing; you can’t touch it or see it, but you can feel it in your heart. Saying thank you to each other keeps the circle of goodwill and gratitude alive.

Showing appreciation is especially important in business relationships. This applies to a variety of business associates including clients, co-workers, supervisors and subordinates. Everyone likes to be appreciated so be sure to spread your words of thanks around to everyone in your circle of contacts.

Showing appreciation affects business relationships in a variety of ways. You may find that by using these two simple words communication becomes easier and others are more open to hearing your input. When someone feels appreciated and acknowledged for their own worth, they are more likely to be open to giving the same respect in return.

The easiest way to show appreciation is a simple verbal word of thanks. This is especially true for direct reports and other employees that you may supervise. After putting in a long day on a special project or difficult task, a simple thank you could make all of the hard work worth it. Feeling appreciated is a strong reason that employees are happy in their jobs, maintain productivity and intend to continue with an employer.

Letters and thank you cards are also ways that you can show appreciation for any business associate. Sometimes a simple card can really make the difference in improving or solidifying a business relationship.

Saying thank you is a simple way to improve business relationships and foster a sense of goodwill among those you come in contact with on the job.

Sandra Sims coaches non profit organizations with issues such as fundraising, volunteer management and administration. She offers hands on resources such as tips for writing thank you letters and thank you letter templates .


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