Managing Your Manager

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A managers job in the workplace is to convey meaning in the actions of their employees, and they are looking for certain attributes during the interview process that you should know about. First, most managers love employees that agree with their point of view. This dangerous fundamental emotion is a basic human feeling. We all want our point of view to be understood.

As a new employee looking for a job you can attack this one of two ways. You can either agree with your boss and risk the organization or department of xyz company to form a groupthink mindset, or you can speak your mind and form a setting that your manager would like to form for himself, but can not figure out how. Through diversity and playing the role of the devils advocate, you can personally improve the culture within months or even weeks of your arrival at your new job. The best part is that you dont have to be a new employee to begin the remodeling strategy. Ask questions like why do we do it this way and could it be done better in a different strategy. The second reason so many managers all act the same is a lack of experience. During an interview, they may ask a question that might be inappropriate or that you might not feel comfortable answering. Dont rush in and critisize or discount your managers credibility right off the back.

Pay careful attention to the culture that your manager is attempting to portray to you. See if your attitude and passion for your work fall in line with the culture of your employer. If they dont, and you have the ability to change certain values that will make you a more productive employee, go ahead! Dont be afraid to change, stagnation has been the downfall of many stars of years gone by. If your personal values wont allow you to drive a chasim between what you belive and what your company does, then maybe it is time that you find a job that you can get excited about, and thats what all managers love, passion.

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