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Communication is faster and access to information is more readily available today than it has ever been. Ease of communication will increase. The ability to obtain the information you need will improve. On the other hand, the amount of time you have to make a decision that will benefit or harm the success of your endeavor will decrease.

If you have something good to offer, you must let the people who need it know about it. The step you take or choose not to take today will have ramifications for your business tomorrow.

Will your potential customer learn of, be contacted by, or worse yet, buy from your competitor who has a product or service that is inferior to what you offer?

What if this happens because you had an idea, or were given a suggestion, that you needed to think about; wanted to give additional consideration; took more time to further contemplate; had to have another look at, and/or felt you needed to seek out advice from just one more person before making the decision?

What if in the meantime, your competitor had the same idea or was given the same suggestion. Your competitor, unlike you, makes a yes, “go forward", or a no, “move on", decision.

If the decision was correct or incorrect, a decision was made as to the action that would be taken. The person will either benefit from or deal with the ramifications resulting from their decision. Whichever the case may be, the impact on your company will result from internal action.

Overthinking, delaying or having difficulty pulling the trigger can all significant effect the productivity of your decision. Any of these factors can put you in a position where the impact on your company is determined by the actions of someone else. Do you want YOUR business to be put in that position?

A yes or no decision, over time, will be determined to have been right or wrong. There are many variables that impact situations; we all know only hindsight is 20/20. There is no way, though, to avoid the fact that a decision today effects tomorrow one way or another to a lesser or greater degree.

Results of a single decision can extend through the life of your business. A single decision can lead to your endeavor thriving. Or your great idea, your groundbreaking solution, your better way of doing things can wither and die on the vine.

The ability to put ego aside, to be open to new ideas, to have the willingness to accept advice are all matters one must consider in relation to their decision making process.

The most common problem that causes companies to either not be as successful as possible or to fail is easily identifiable. A person enters the business world possessing a core competency in their given field of endeavor. Problems arise when that person extends beyond their area of expertise to become personally involved in other areas that would be better handled by people hired to do those jobs.

Delegating, trusting the people to whom you assign tasks and having the willingness to roll the dice with their work product are all critical factors. These considerations directly impact the ability to make good decisions in an expedient fashion and execute tasks that make your company more successful.

In conclusion, “The price of consulting is less expensive than the cost of paying for your own mistakes. " - Anthony McCune

Anthony McCune has worked as a writer, marketer and business consultant for 30 years. His writing experience includes newspaper reporting, having submissions published in national magainzes and writing in excess of 15,000 resumes with a focus on business executives. McCune's consulting experience ranges from working with new companies achieving successful start-ups to assisting well established national firms with operational and marketing issues.


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