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My Online Corporate Gift Basket


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This online corporate gift basket is the fallout after the fall of my house of cards. To set the scene, it is March 1988 and today I intend to search for a new job (as I lost my last one the month before).

It wasn't a small business or a home business; it was a prestigious university in Los Angeles. I really hated loosing it because I was very comfortable there for over the previous eight years.

This is the culmination of two years of being raked over the coals in my previous job. I was really due for a career change any way. But little did I know that it would lead to this online corporate gift basket and not being able to work any job.

It was all my fault for loosing the job; an unforgivable sin. After that, all my lines of communication with all the people that could help were totally severed. Truth is that I was well liked by most people at the university.

Online Corporate gift basket: Getting a Good Job

It is my intention to not rush things anymore ever. While At the employment center & scanning the available offerings I began making a list of the ones that appealed to me and hoping that I can land one that will afford for a purpose drive life and the type of lifestyle that I have been used to.

Next, I got in line to speak with a counselor and took a seat to be called. After a few moments my name was called and I was taken to the counselor's office.

Online Corporate gift basket: Finding The Best One

The counselor then quickly scanned my list asking me to see if I am serious and qualified for the job opportunities that I listed earlier. I carefully watched her every move, just like a small child watching their mom baking a chocolate cake (and I do love my chocolate cakes).

I sensed her approval. She then said, “The listing for the assistant manager position just opened today, we will have to schedule you for an interview. " I said, “That's great. "

Then she said, “Excuse me while I call them. " I listened intently as the one-sided communication began. In the middle of the conversation, she rose from her desk to pull a page from a binder that was on the top of a filling cabinet & began writing some instructions.

At this point, I'm thinking that I am going to be working soon. Positive thinking always helps me to stay focused on the task at hand. She then explained more details about the job; who will interview me, the appointment date and time, where finally she asks, “Are you sure this job is for you?"

I immediately said, " Yes, I certainly hope so. " She gave me the instructions and rose again to shake my hand while saying, “Good luck. " I said, " Have a blessed day. "

Online Corporate gift basket: Preparing for The Interview

My interview is at 2pm, just enough time to go home have a snack before I go to the interview. Let's see, I'll make a sandwich get some juice and an orange. That'll work. As I was locking the front door and closing the screen, suddenly, my left arm stop working.

Real strange, I had no sensation at all. I unlocked the door, walked into the house, to close the door, and guess what? My arm is as good as new. I then stopped thinking about the arm issue and went to the interview.

This job is an assistant manager position for a family run small business in the area of freeway construction (this job is something very new to me). This company will train on the job to ultimately to be placed as an office manager position with all benefits that come with it (pay bonuses and other benefits).

The interview went well. The manager said that he would call me with his decision. This job site is about 10 miles from home. As I was opening the door to the house, the telephone rang, guess who it was? It was the manager telling me that he wants to hire me with all the benefits and pay that I agreed to about 10 minutes ago.

Online Corporate gift basket: Working My New Job

He asked me how soon could I start. As I said earlier, I am not in a rush. So I told him that I could start as soon as next Monday if that is all right. He said that's fine seeing you Monday at 6am.

The idea is that I don't want to get a job that is pushy and making their employees jump through many hoops. That is not for me. I have learned from my last job. Working 16-18 hours a day. The wages were good, but you will burnout & never having enough time for yourself.

After a few months, I got a raise to manager and started receiving manager pay and bonuses. This company was great to my peers and me. With my pay raise, I bought my first brand new car and a real diamond wedding ring with a large stone for my spouse. My new job entails traveling (this I really like).

When traveling, this company gives their office managers a company car, pays for my travel expenses, rent, subsistence & even pays for my spouse and children to fly and visit me twice a month. Things are going more than fine for me.

Online Corporate gift basket: Life is Becoming More Positive by The Day

Everything in my life is really jelling; It's like I'm in a TV movie as the main character with a purpose driven life as scripted. I'm just wandering when I am going to wake up from this dream. It is January 1991 and working with this company for 4 years (in March). March next year on my anniversary will qualify me to receive a company diamond ring and a pay raise to 6 figures and extra bonuses.

And now I'm back home in Los Angeles to build the 105 freeways. This is the freeway that will run from Norwalk to L. A. International Airport (LAX). It's kind of funny, the first project I worked was repaving the left runway and taxiways for LAX. One morning, as I prepared to go to work, something was terribly wrong.

Online Corporate gift basket: A Turn For The Very Worst

This is the communication my wife and I had, she also noticed something unusual. I had slurred speech & my words were garbled. Words like ‘rosencranse', there is no such street in Los Angeles. Anyway, I went to the job site, opened the building, turned on all the computers, as all of the engineers will be in shortly.

Made coffee and began managing payroll. The project manager just walked in. As I turned to put some time sheets in order, I became stumped. I didn't know what to do next. The project manager noticed it also. He said, “Just relax yourself. " He then called my brother and asked him to take me to the hospital.

Within less than 10 minutes we were on our way. The Doctor asked me several questions; all were simple with no answers from me. He then gave me a pencil and paper for me to write my name, there is only one right answer. He turns to my brother and said, “He has had a stroke. We are going to keep him. "

Online Corporate gift basket: By far The Worst Days of My Life

At that point I began to cry, not whaling, just tears. The doctor comforts me as he explains that crying is a normal reaction with stroke victims. All the time, I am thinking about how close, 14 months and I would have completed my career goal for my family and me. I then began to cry more.

For the next month I stayed in this hospital. After that I was enrolled in therapy sessions for the next 6 months. After 3 months my therapist asked, “Would I like to try going back to work. " I said, “I would like to try. "

She took me to the job site. After maybe five minutes I was in tears again. I don't see ever going back to my regular job again (at least no time soon). My therapist had to agree with me. That exercise made me feel more ‘disabled', even though I'm making great progress (if that makes any sense).

I made up my mind (what's left of it) to spend as much time and energy to re-learn what I've learned before the stroke. I am a joker but not a quitter. Quitting is another way of saying surrender.

Online Corporate gift basket: Past Milestones Like Finding Wisdom

One fine day, a package came for me. It was an online corporate gift basket. Attached to the online corporate gift basket is a card signed by all of my friends at the company. The online corporate gift basket incensed me. Bittersweet feelings went all through me all at once.

My personal goal was only oh so close, yet so far away. This small business was my house of cards. When they sent the online corporate gift basket, I started to wonder if they were really in touch with what I was really feeling inside.

Was the online corporate gift basket just a ploy to see how I really felt about them? Was that small business just sending an online corporate gift basket just as a normal course of things to do in this situation? Or, was the online corporate gift basket a real sincere act? After receiving the online corporate gift basket, there were many unresolved issues in the back of my mind that still haunt me to this very day.

Should I pursue them? I think not. Although, the main question about everyone signing the same card that was attached to the corporate gift, really puzzled me. Had it been anyone that really truly cared for me, they would sign the online corporate gift basket card and send a personal gift and card (I think).

The people that I thought were close to me in the company didn't call or try to follow-up to see how things were panning out personally. Just as I was putting the finishing touches, the whole world shook; the only thing left standing was my shattered dream and of course the online corporate gift basket. It could have been worst.

Online Corporate gift basket: Insult and Injury

In 1998 I had another stroke (another milestone), and again in 2000 (another milestone). Each of those strokes took another part of me physically. Each of them were blessings in disguise that invigorated me to push through those hard times and to see another day with fresh eyes.

As long as I live, I will always have milestones (whether I am aware of them or not). Each milestone that I am aware of tends to lead me to an ultimate truth in my life. When I apply the knowledge, I see actual growth leading to a greater lifestyle. Previously, I was terribly short-sited and narrow in my thinking.

Online Corporate gift basket: Conclusion

Today I am totally optimistic. The online corporate gift basket (milestone) I received in 1991 was the under-pining that drove me to see the real truth with new eyes (figuratively speaking). Yesterday is dead and burned up, tomorrow is not promised to anyone, this moment has promise, (only) as long as I stay active and always moving forward.

I don't let moss grow under my feet. Each moment is actually a milestone of my life (God willing). It has been almost one day since I really started living my true dream life; the longer I live to realize my next milestones (and apply the truth in them) then, every moment becomes a milestone to potentially enhance my life & lifestyle.

Now I look at my 1991 online corporate gift basket (milestone) as bought knowledge not devastation.

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