Many CEOs Struggle With ADD Symptoms

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Many CEOs and other business people with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD) often struggle with difficulties around:

  • Focus
  • Organization
  • Follow-through
  • Distractibility
  • Need for high stimulation
  • Low tolerance of frustration
  • Impulsivity
  • Tendency toward addictive behavior
  • Mood swings
This list is not totally inclusive. There are many other symptoms that could be added to the list and ADD cannot be officially diagnosed by one specific assessment. Not all individuals with the above symptoms have ADD and not all people with ADD have all of the above symptoms.

Should you struggle with the above symptoms, you may want to talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist for an assessment as to whether you have ADD or ADHD (the latter referring to ADD with a hyperactive component). Sometimes the most important thing is not the diagnosis but rather getting support for understanding your patterns and increasing your focus.

Other thoughts regarding ADD: ADD does not affect intelligence. In fact, individuals with ADD are often of higher intelligence than the norm.

Research findings: Brain scans show less metabolic activity in front of brain. Indications of decreased levels of dopamine in pre-frontal cortex. Individuals with ADD use high stimulation such as excitement, novelty and fear to activate this area of the brain. ADD is thought to come from our history as hunters (results-oriented, tireless when hot on the trail, ability to “turn-on-a-dime", may throw themselves into something, visual/concrete thinkers). When forced to focus, ability to concentrate can get worse.

Treatment considerations:

  • Medication - Some benefit from medication. (Discuss with physician. )
  • Exercise – Extremely important. Experts recommend exercise 3-4x/week (some recommend 2x/day).
  • Coaching – for education on ADD, ways to create more focus, to create anchor your focus.
  • Nutrition – Experts advise elimination of simple sugars and advise diet of high protein and low carbohydrate to raise dopamine levels.
  • Psychotherapy – for addressing low self-esteem and healing.
Books on ADD:
  • Driven to Distraction – by Edward M. Hallowell, M. D. , and John J. Ratey, M. D.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults – by Lynn Weiss, Ph. D.
  • Women with Attention Deficit Disorder – by Sari Solden, M. S. , M. F. C. C.
Websites on ADD:
  • Trish Pratt works with CEOs and other professionals to help them step up their clarity, focus and become unstoppable. Visit for more information on how YOU can become unstoppable!


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