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Dominick Borzomati

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Wisdom is one of the primary characteristics of an outstanding leader - leaders have an insatiable curiosity for discovering and learning new things. Leadership and learning go together. If you have determined that your learning is behind the curve, then recommit yourself to seeking it out at every opportunity, in every conversation, around every corner. Do you have a process for continual self-improvement? Get hooked on the improvement habit. Here are some tips:

  • Spend your time with optimistic, growing people.

  • Become a reader. If you are not one already, this is an important source of learning and reflection. Many great books are available to inspire, guide, and instruct your improvement effort.

  • Become a teacher. Give internal and external presentations on your area of expertise. Volunteer to present at the next professional conference you were just going to attend.

  • Become a writer. Do you write in a journal for yourself? You can write articles for associations you belong to, your local paper, or internal newsletter.

  • Become a speaker. I find that some of my best insights come from trying to articulate (or write) my thoughts.

  • Become a listener. You can get hundreds of hours a year of education, inspiration, information, and instruction by listening. Try listening to audiotapes in your car.

  • Become a student. Attend workshops, seminars, and training sessions. Take college courses.

  • Keep your commitments. Call back when you promised (or before). Meet your deadlines. Show up on time. Under-promise and over-deliver.

  • Put quotes, goals, reminders, and vision statements where you will see them throughout your day. Keep changing them and moving them around so you don't start to look past them.

  • Develop a personal improvement plan. Schedule time for personal and professional improvement as if your career depended on it. It does.

    My name is Dominick Borzomati with DWB Associates. We are Business Development Specialists and have been since 1993. We work with individuals committed to moving themselves and their businesses to the next level.

    At DWB what we do is ALL about YOU. . .

    Our programs focus 100% on YOU, they address YOUR needs, and concerns. They help YOU to clearly identify opportunities, enhance YOUR strengths, clarify YOUR market position and YOUR competitive capabilities and provide YOU with a clear and concise understanding as to where YOU are and where YOU need to go. Most importantly they provide YOU with a series a simple actionable steps that YOU can choose from that will enable YOU to move YOURSELF and YOUR business to the next level.

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    Confessions of a Reformed Manager: Seven Principles for Becoming a Good Manager
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