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We all have our schedules to keep and we are all committed in making our lives as productive as possible. And because of this need we have invented all kinds of planners and memo notebooks.

No need to tell, but almost all of us need a planner. The human race has invented at least every kind of name for a planner. There’s a daily planner, a weekly planner, a monthly planner, a yearly planner, holiday planners, electronic planners, game night planners and so goes on the list.

Indeed, our craze for getting organized and up to date has spilled over and now; we even have real people who use the concept of planning as a job. We now have party planners, wedding planners, business planners, and even funeral planners.

Today’s lifestyle revolves around schedules and plans. Most of the time, we even have to arrange our schedule and make some plans in seeing our own family members. And for that, there are many possible ways of organizing our daily lives without the hassle of hiring a secretary.

For people who are always on the move or striding in an active lifestyle, a daily planner is such a chore to carry around. Imagine having to lug around a planner just for you to check up if your still schedule. Electronic daily planners, PDAs (personal digital assistant) and computer notebooks were specifically designed for active people.

These modern-day electronic planners and diaries are lightweight and compact that they readily available anywhere that you go. This type of personal planner gives you the freedom to do the things you want to do without the hassle of carrying around thing a lot of paper.

And because of the advancement in technology, mobile phones are now equipped with the capability of being a PDA too. Mobile phones today are also capable of sending and receiving emails and surfing the web.

The technology was integrated to phones with the same thing in the developers mind; how to make life a lot less complicated and still be able the schedule.

Moving to schedules again, there are some people that are just not yet ready to accept the fast changing hues of modern living and would rather be left to their devices and their lifestyle in the cavemen ages.

These people are usually uptight and too formal even for their own good. These kinds of people are always buried up to their noses staring at the bulky daily planners that they still carry around even though the leaves are already discolored and have turned brown with age.

For them it’s still the Old school, because there’s no school like the old school, as they would have it. The good old hardbound daily planner still manages their daily lives and keeps them promptly in schedule. Not taking anything from them or the old bloke, the old school planner still has its share of avid fans and screaming admirers.

True as it may seem that paperless is the way to go right now, there is no stopping millions of middle-aged executives from getting bulks of daily planners to be given out of course during the holiday season.

Besides being the perfect gift idea for people who have less time to custom fit every gift for everyone he knows, the daily planner is also a good way for you to be remembered because every time that they are late for a meeting they have you and your gift planner to thank for it. So, plan ahead and get a planner now.

James Monahan is the owner and Senior Editor of PlannerHub.com and writes expert articles about planners .


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