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Trained employees are more productive employees; there’s no doubt about that. Whether you’re your only employee or whether you’ve got a growing staff, put OJT (on the job training) at the top of your To-Do list.

Every job, no matter what it is, is done better and faster when those responsible for doing it are properly trained. In theory this sounds good. But in reality, small growing companies rarely have money in their operating budgets to cover training costs.

Job-related training whether for yourself or for your employees is expensive in the short run. But in the long run, not offering training often costs more. The good news is that job-related training no longer means traveling to expensive seminars and courses. A variety of affordable training tools is available today. Much of this training is available without leaving your desk.

Whether it’s learning to use the software tools you purchased to run your business, or to stay abreast of ever-changing laws covering everything from *** harassment to homeland security, you’ll find cost-effective training material suitable for your situation.

E-learning tools, computer based training, software tutorials, CD-ROMS, audio and video tapes, books and instructor-led training courses are some common training tools.

E-learning involves any type of training material that is delivered electronically. Whether delivered in a format readable by a computer or delivered via the Internet, or via satellite, or via interactive television, e-learning is a cost-effective way to train.

Company Intranets are being used for employee training, complete with testing and progress tracking. This method gives small business owners complete control over the content being taught. The training materials do need to be developed and maintained, but this initial investment of time is worth the effort.

The Internet is an endless source of training material. A simple search on your desired topic will produce an abundance of training material. Research this material carefully and know exactly what you are paying for.

You and your employees can even learn while commuting to and from work. Imagine popping in a training course on audiotape or CD-ROM and learning while stuck in traffic. Of course, your employees might want to be paid for this time!

Local cable television stations are another valuable training source. These days, everything from learning about software products to preparing for the SAT is taught on local cable. The local library is another local source for training materials. Training materials are loaned, not purchased, making this a worthwhile source to investigate. You’ll even find an assortment of e-book titles at the library, too.

And for every new software package you purchase to help run your business, find a suitable training guide and require all who will be using it to learn how to properly use all of the software’s features. That includes you, too. You’ll never get your money’s worth out of the software you purchase if you do not learn how to use it.

Much of the software on the market includes on-line help, on-line demonstrations, tutorials or some other learning instrument. Software makers also have web sites where users can go to learn more about the product. As a software package grows in popularity, so too will the number of book titles available for that software.

And one method of instruction that has yet to go out of style is instructor-led training. Whether enrolled in a real classroom environment or a virtual classroom, all will benefit by learning directly from an expert.

The reality is, only properly trained employees and business owners can help your business grow. Classes begin now so don’t be late!

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