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Every lorry driver will have moments of boredom whilst on a long-haul, whether they are stopping for lunch in a roadside café or in the cabin at night. Fortunately, there is plenty of fantastic truck-related literature which any trucker or haulage enthusiast will find fascinating.

Here are a few of my personal favourites and books that are sure to keep you entertained the next time you find yourself twiddling your thumbs on a job.


The Box by Marc Levinson

A brilliant read which documents the introduction and rise of the historic intermodular container and how it enabled the boom in global trade. This container transformed the economic landscape of the global economy and has consequently had an enormous impact on modern day life. This is a must-read for any driver with an interest and passion for their work.

Truck this for a Living: Tales of a UK Lorry Driver by Gary Mottram

Truck driving is sometimes romanticised in works of fiction, but all truck drivers know that this is a tough and gritty industry where only the hard-working can survive. This excellent book is an unflinching look at the UK transport industry through the eyes of an experienced driver – a few of these stories are sure to sound familiar. I also suggest that you lend this book to any friends or family members who fail to grasp just how tough being a trucker can be.

Coffee to Go by Neil Hobbs

Coffee to Go is another look into the life of a trucker, but this time through the eyes of an Owner Operator who has spent 16 years driving between Britain and Europe. Told with great humour, this gives an insight into the daily tribulations that you face and how trucking is not a job, but a way of life instead. Another great book to recommend to any friends or family outside the industry.

Trucking in English (An Armchair Emigration Tale) by Carolyn Steele

Part of her amazing ‘Armchair Emigration’ series, this book showcases just how challenging being a truck driver is and how it is not for the faint of heart. The brave author (a middle-aged mother) decides to become a real trucker and the book follows her journey from training through to becoming a successful driver with all the obstacles she faces along the way.


Ghost Fleet by Donny Cates

A twelve-issue series from graphic novelist Donny Cates, Ghost Fleet is a thrilling and action-packed story which has taken the graphic novel and trucking world by storm. The story sees a character breaks the rule of never looking at what you’re hauling, and this sets off a pulsating tale and incredible sequence of events. Whether you are a fan of graphic novels or not, this story will amaze you; the illustrations are superb!

Mother Trucker by Robyn Mitchell

The first in a series of 5, this is a gripping story of a woman determined to do whatever it takes for her family. The beautiful blonde Shelby Matthews becomes an eighteen-wheel truck driver, but the daily tribulations are just a small part of her struggle after an unexpected encounter with her vindictive female co-worker. The book and subsequent series are inspired by Mitchell’s own life, where she quit her job as a teacher to become a trucker. Gripping, shocking and emotional in parts, this is a highly entertaining read.

These are a few of my favourite truck-related books which I always recommend to my lorry driver associates, but there are dozens more out there for you to enjoy.

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