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If you are looking for financial adviser jobs, there may not be one single rule or maxim for keeping your resume from being misclassified as a spam message; there are different spam filters that work in different ways. However, there are some general things you can look out for. It's generally better to copy and paste your resume into the body of the message instead of attaching a document file. First, many financial services recruiters are busy and won't take the time to open your document file when other resumes in their inbox are pasted right into the message. Secondly, some email filtering systems reject messages with documents attached for fears the document could be infected with a virus.

While it is always a good thing to show enthusiasm when writing a resume instead of using what are considered boring word and phrases, there are words that easily set off spam filters. Some of these words you may want to include “free” or “trial” because they are popular with spammers. Similarly, if you must use an exclamation mark anywhere in your resume you must do so sparingly or else the spam filters of the financial advisor recruiting firms will simply block it. One more thing, avoid using multiple colors in your emails to financial services headhunters. It looks unprofessional and some email filters see colors as an indication of a spam message; if you have a spam filter installed on your PC, this can be a simple step to take to increase the likelihood your resume is getting delivered.

There is modern email software that has the “Read Receipt” feature that gets to alert you when a recipient has opened a message; there are job seekers who use it when sending resumes to financial services recruiting firms. While this may actually be an effective way of knowing your message was delivered, using it with any head hunter Chicago is not recommend it on the grounds that the financial services recruiter could view it in a negative way. No one likes to be spied on, and most email programs will cause a warning message to show up if a read receipt will be generated.

Once you are reasonably sure your resume won’t get dismissed by spam filters, the next step is to get the headhunter Chicago to want to open and read your resume. There are several things to keep in mind when pursuing this goal. First, make sure you are sending your resume to someone it's relevant for. You must make sure that you are sending your resume to a financial advisor recruiter. Do a little research about the recruiter or employer first and come up with a subject line that is targeted to their situation.

You want to use a subject line that will set you apart from the other resumes waiting in the recruiter's inbox. After the financial services headhunters have opened your email, you want to make sure they can quickly understand your capabilities by having an easy to read and powerfully written resume.


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