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Articles about or concerning Global Trade, Culture, Import and Export, Etiquette, Consumer Information, Technology, Trade, Investment, Culture, Finances, and Marketing.
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How A Third Culture Kid's Natural Cross Cultural Vision Can Power International Business Expansion

 Cindy King (March 28, 2008)  Would you like a secret weapon to help power your international business expansion? Are you wondering if there is one simple thing you could add to your current business mix that would help you a lot throughout the whole process? What if you had a unique cross cultural vision tool in your pocket? Third Culture Kids Working with a Third Culture Kid could be the solution for your company. . (International Business)

Reinventing the Global Wheel with a Hub Approach

 Ann All (March 24, 2008)  Most multinational companies today spend a lot of time talking about globalization and its impact on their business. But there is a huge gap between talking the talk and walking the walk, and thus far few companies have managed to breach it. That's the premise of a strategy business article titled Twenty Hubs and No HQ. In it, authors C. K. Pralahad, a business professor and co-author .. (International Business)

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