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Application of Modular Clean Room


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Atico is manufacturer of Modular Clean Room in India since 1954. Modular Clean Room/Portable Clean Rooms are a free standing, rigid wall, modular, prefabricated cleanroom system that is designed to provide superior cleanroom performance and esthetic appeal. Its modular, prefabricated design combines functionality with flexibility to create systems that will meet your cleanroom needs of today and into the future.

Their Portable Clean Rooms are available from Class 100,000 to Class 10. These Modular Clean Rooms are available with open free spans from 6 to 34 feet and interior room heights of 8 to 14 feet. Multiple rooms can be combined to form larger cleanroom systems. The system allows for additional sections to be added to existing rooms to expand the cleanroom at a future date.

Portable Clean Rooms have high visual appeal and is often used as a showcase cleanroom system. The large clear walls offer good visibility in to and out of the room. Clear anodized aluminum panels cover the filter, light area above the drop ceiling so the exterior has a clean appearance.

The rigid wall design allows the clean room to operate at higher internal pressures than may be found in other types of cleanroom systems. This pressure is adjusted through variable wall dampers that regulate the flow of air out of the room that controls the internal room pressure

Product Overview:
Modular Clean Room is a free-standing, hardwall, modular, prefabricated cleanroom system designed to combine superior cleanroom performance with high visual appeal. The rigid wall design allows the cleanroom to operate at higher internal pressures than may be found in other types of cleanroom systems. This pressure is adjusted through variable wall dampers that regulate the flow of air out of the room to control the internal room pressure. ISO specifications require room pressures for some medical device and pharmaceutical applications higher than what a soft wall cleanroom can provide. Higher internal room pressure on non-recirculating rooms can occasionally reduce the infiltration caused by drafts flowing under the bottom of the curtains. Modular Design for Ultimate Flexibility The modular prefabricated design makes installation fast and easy. Factory installation is available, but simple step-by-step instructions and detailed installation drawings allow the rooms to be assembled using inhouse maintenance personnel. The room assembles with common hand tools. Holes are pre-punched and predrilled, so the room is assembled by lining up holes and installing screws, bolts and snap-in extrusions. The room ships knocked down on compact skids. After a room has been installed, its versatile modular design allows the room to be expanded, relocated, or reconfigured into a different shape or made into multiple smaller rooms. This versatility makes your Atico (Model WCX-44509-T) cleanroom system an asset that keeps pace with your cleanroom requirements. The modular design of the Atico (Model WCX-44509-T) means that the cleanroom can be expanded, modified, reconfigured or even sold. It can have value throughout its life. The cleanroom system is not typically considered part of the building and can often be depreciated faster than a built-in cleanroom. Consult your tax adviser for specifics of the tax advantages. The removable wall panels are supported by special heavy-duty 3 x 3 anodized aluminum support posts with upper cross panels. Together these form a strong, decorative exterior wall system. Each support post is equipped with a leg-leveling glide to adjust for variations in floor level. The walls extend down to approximately 2 in. above the floor allowing air to be vented around the entire perimeter. Adjustable wall vents located between the bottom of the wall panel and the floor fine tune the room pressure. Additional vents may be required with some rooms with a higher total airflow. Exact room configuration for lower wall spacing, quantity and location of adjustable grills, is subject to room size and class.

Standard Features of Portable Clean Rooms :

  • Modular and prefabricated
  • The wall panels: Clear acrylic Translucent acrylic Yellow acrylic Clear ESD acrylic Polycarbonate White painted aluminum Combination white lower with clear upper. Wall panel materials can be combined to meet individual room requirements. The walls (or parts thereof) can be made of solid white painted aluminum panels to prevent viewing into or out of the room (such as when the room is installed close to an existing building wall). White lower panels with clear upper panels can be used create specific viewing areas into the room. The most common room configuration is full length clear acrylic panels. This provides the most open feel within the cleanroom. The rooms are available in recirculating and non-recirculating room airflow configurations. The requirements of the cleanroom and the conditions of the ambient space surrounding the cleanroom will determine the option selected.

    Airflow Non-Recirculating Single Pass Rooms: The non-recirculating or single passroom draws in ambient air from above the room into the motorized HEPA filter located in the cleanroom ceiling. This HEPA filtered air is blown into the cleanroom where it cleans the interior space, then is discharged from the cleanroom through the approximate 2 in. space located below the walls and through the adjustable wall grills back into the surrounding space. The temperature inside the room is typically about 1 degree warmer than the ambient. The humidity of the room will be that of the ambient. It is possible to vent air conditioning to the space above the cleanroom or into the HEPA filters. This can keep the room cooler than the surrounding space. This system works best when the space surrounding the cleanroom is also air-conditioned. The air conditioned room air venting into the surrounding space will assist in cooling that ambient space.

    Recirculating Cleanrooms: Recirculating cleanrooms recirculate the air within the cleanroom and prevent it from mixing with the ambient which allows for better control of the temperature and humidity. In order to recirculate the air back to the HEPA filters located in the cleanroom ceiling, return air walls need to be added to the cleanroom. The room can use existing building wall(s) or add a second set of cleanroom wall(s) and a metal top to the cleanroom. Consult the factory for details regarding the best return air configuration for your particular application. In addition to environmental control, recirculating cleanrooms will have less contamination loading on the HEPA filters. The HEPA filters are drawing air in that is closer to that of the cleanroom. With less contamination loading, the filters will last longer and perform better. Note: Recirculating cleanrooms require supplemental cooling or the temperature will rise inside the cleanroom. This is because all of the air and heat from the motorized filters, lights, equipment and people is recirculated and contained within the cleanroom. See the air conditioning section for methods of cooling. Filters: The (Model WCX-44509-T)uses the Series 112 low-noise motorized ceiling filters. These are available in standard 2x4 and 2x2 sizes and in 99.99% HEPA and 99.9995% ULPA efficiencies. The quantity of filters is subject to the class and size of the cleanroom. Lights: The cleanroom uses the Series CAP1210-2x4-4L cleanroom lights. They are a 2x4, 4 lamp fixture and available in T8 and T12 lamps. The quantity of lights is subject to room size, height and required lighting levels. The standard room is designed for approximately 80 footcandles of lighting. The standard room is shipped with T12 lamps unless otherwise specified. Electrical: The filters and lights can be wired with the Reloc prefabricated wiring system for fast, simple electrical assembly. The Reloc wiring system has flexible metal cables with special end plugs that are joined together in a daisy chain manner. The cables are designed to be plugged together and then unplugged without having to undo any wiring. The filters and lights can be quickly plugged together while the room is being assembled. An additional advantage of the Reloc plug together wiring system is ease of service of the room components after the room is operational. can be quickly unplugged, a new component installed, plugged in, and the room is back in operation. The field electrician will connect power from the building to a junction box(es) located on the room. A light switch is located on the outside of a post next to the door. The light switch will turn off all the lights. No night lights or emergency lights are furnished as standard. These items must be specifically optioned out.


    Installation The room reassembles using simple hand tools. Step-by-step instructions are provided. Holes are pre-drilled so that installation is just a matter of lining up holes and installing screws and bolts and snap-in extrusions. We ca install the cleanroom, but the majority of end users install the rooms themselves using in-house or local contract assembly personnel. Please advise if there are any special installation conditions, security restrictions, work rules, working hours, only weekends or nights, etc.

  • Free-standing; does not become part of the building Can be easily and quickly relocated
  • Large open spans up to 34 ft.
  • Interior clear height 8 to 14 ft.
  • Room Class 100,000 to Class 10
  • Esthetic design, visually appealing
  • High quality performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expandable and upgradeable
  • Single pass or recirculating
  • Internal room pressure adjustable up to 0.06 in. W. C.
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