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Specialty Metals Kvanefjeld at Iimaussaq Complex

Nuria Jay

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The Ilimaussaq is known for rich resource for rare earth elements, uranium and zinc. The place has one of the greatest geological surrounding. It is known for its unusual minerals and rock-types. It has wide range of resources. The place offers really favorable conditions and opportunities for mining projects. The Ilimaussaq complex is situated very close to southern Greenland.

As far as transportation is concerned, the region provides the best logistical facilities that help transporting mined elements to the project area to another place. Mined rare earth metals, uranium and zinc can be easily shipped through deep-water fjords. An extraordinary type of rock called – lujavrite is found within the Ilimaussaq complex. The rock is obtained from the internal rock layer found in the same complex. rare earth metal, uranium and zinc are strongly available the uppermost sections of lujavrite.

Northern half of the Ilimaussaq complex preserves most of the mineralized lujavrite parts. At Kvanefjeld, multi-element resource project of world-class level has been established. At zone 2 and 3, new potential satellite deposits have recently been confirmed. Kakortokite - a basal rock-type is found in the southernmost part of the complex that contains low-grade zirconium resources.

In the southern half of the Ilimaussaq complex, glacial processes have eroded much of the high-grade lujavrite, leaving sub-economic material. Multi-element project of Greenland mining services on the northern Ilimaussaq Complex in Greenland is believed to be best place for mining of rare earths, uranium and zinc. The distance from Kvanefjeld to Zone 2 is 6 km.

Zone 2

Below a naujaite cap, lujavrite occurs at zone 2. In the steep slopes running between the ridge crest at 700m elevation, thick layers of lujavrite outcrop. According to the GMEL report in mid 2010 that drilling had been affected by the lujavrite.

Zone 3

Zone 3 is situated next to the northeastern margin of the Ilimaussaq Complex. The place is rich in REE-U lujavrite magma. At zone 3, the drill holes assure that rich mineralized body of REE-U exists there.


At the top of the Narsaq valley, there occurs Steenstrupfjeld. It is situated just east of Kvanefjeld. Here, Mineralised lujavrite was recognized historically and outcrops.

Metallurgical team of Greenland mining services firmly believes to recover “Critical Rare Earths”. It always prioritizes the energy-efficient technologies. In this sense Kvanefjeld is a project that first-and-foremost caters to energy efficiency, and that makes it an important project for the world.

GMEL is a Greenland Mining Services that specializes in Rare Earth Elements Mine , uranium and zinc supplied to various other industries that manufacture primary, secondary and final products.


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