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Free Leads For Network Marketing


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Your about to find out exactly how I pump free Network Marketing leads from Google every day without fail. This article will be crucial to your businesses success so please pay close attention. We all know very well that business can be tough. Competition can be tough and without a way of generating leads, Network Marketing can be really tough! After all the years of struggling I almost quit the industry until I came across these few secrets for all the free network marketing leads I wanted. Most people would have quit after 3 years of complete failure in the Network Marketing industry, not me. That is the big difference between me and the bottom 97% of our industry. Actually the difference between me and probably 97% of most people. I am hungry for success and truly believe without a doubt, I will be successful. Along the way to success you will come across some problems and failures. When you get put down, its up to you to rise back up. That is a major secret I have learnt. This article is about how you are going to start generating tons of free Network Marketing leads every day.

First of all, I want to give you one more success tip. Just never give up on your dreams or this industry. When I came across this industry I had the idea that I would be rich and I could laugh at the people who never believed I would make any money. After a year I had earned no money and was laughed at by everyone. Three years down the line I still made very little money, it wasn't until I learnt how to generate free leads on the Internet that I actually made any real money. The point is, no matter how much people put you down you need to get back up again. If your hungry enough, you need to make a plan, do your homework and execute it! Now here is where I tell you about generating free mlm leads all day long.

Use the Internet! You need to start learning about online marketing and how to pump traffic from Google. Google loves content and will put your content to the top of Google for any keyword you want if you follow these rules. You know what this means? It means all the free traffic and leads you want. Its all about creating fresh content, optimizing it for your keyword and spreading it around a few websites. What I learnt to master is article marketing. Using these few steps you can literally mine leads from Google. Head over to the Google keyword tool, just Google search keyword tool and it will be the first result. Then enter the short code and search a keyword in your specific niche. Say your company is Amway, search Amway and you will find a load of keywords and how many times they are searches on Google each month. A keyword is a word you type into Google.

Now, pick one of those keywords, head over to and signup. After joining login and click submit new article. Write an article about the keyword you chose. For now we will say you chose Amway review. Make sure to include Amway Review in your title. This optimizes the content so the search engines will rank it for that keyword. Also make sure to include your keyword in the description and article body. Just get writing, enter the keyword as your first keyword below your article along with a few other relative words. The last thing is to add a compelling author bio with a link to your site. This is where people will visit your site. That's it, submit the article, rinse and repeat. Google will find your articles and rank them for your keywords. People will then find your article and click through to your website without fail. This method gets results and will continue to do so for years to come. I have not told you all the details for obvious reasons. Like me, you have to do some research and figure it out for yourself. You can use my method, research and tweak it.


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Getting Leads in Network Marketing
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