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The Online Wine Merchant and the New Wine Buying Public


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The Internet has been useful for a lot of things: most useful of all, probably, in terms of making a wide range of choice and information available to a buying public that wants to find things out about the items it is interested in purchasing. The online wine merchant is one of the greatest examples of this kind of new found freedom of information. Wine, which has always been a consumable that requires a degree of knowledge on the part of its consumer, has been freed for the buying public in ways it was never able to show before the advent of the World Wide Web and its boundless possibilities for conveying and storing information?

Buying wine can be a daunting event – there are so many varieties of grape, taste, aroma and food matching suitability that even the most enthusiastic customer can find it difficult to know where to start. The online wine merchant is able to synthesise the information carrying capacities of the web with seamlessly secure transaction capabilities to deliver not only a wide range of products, but ample and useful information about those products. That allows customers to start exploring all the glorious variety of wine in an informed and educated manner – opening new avenues for taste and enjoyment and promoting a much more informed buying process.

So successful is the Internet, in terms of making information accessible to anyone who wants to find it, that the wine buying public is turning to wine merchant sites that have been built with the specific purpose of demystifying wine in order to make its enjoyment democratic and much more accessible than it ever used to be. Online wine retailers are able to group their products in hundreds of useful ways – by price, by style, by region, by food matching suitability and by vineyard, for example. All of the preceding is ways to allow customers to explore wine for themselves, according to their own personal preferences. This kind of preference led buying, which was first trialled by the world’s most famous online superstore, is the basis of most Internet shopping and use.

The online wine merchant, by making use of this kind of technology empowers its customers to build a taste profile – a personalised way of interacting with wine that leads daily to new discoveries.

This method works across the board, both on and off line: it’s the way people have been developing their own tastes for decades. When a person likes a particular band, for example, he or she might then explore other bands that have the same kind of setup: which leads to a musical collection built on specified tastes. The technology the online wine merchant is using has exactly the same effect, but for flavours, aromas, varietals and food suitability. The information made available by online wine retailers lets customers build up their appreciation of a different kind of music – the riot of tastes and flavours that throng the world of wine like the notes of a symphony.


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Online Wine Merchants - A threat to local wine merchants ?
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