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Guidelines For Your Basic International Lead Nurturing Plan For Your Online Business

Cindy King

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Using online lead generation to gain international sales through is not an easy task. Don't give up, you can get sales-ready leads with a solid lead nurturing program.

Creating a relationships with your prospects is what lead nurturing is al about. . International lead nurturing is about creating those same relationships. An important thing to know is that you need to avoid automatic internet communication for everyone. You need to make the effort and create one-on-one relationships with each of your contacts instead.

There are some basic guidelines of things you should do for your basic lead nurturing plan. Your marketing touches should:

  • Be at least once a month
  • Vary the format
  • Not all be sales pitches
  • Not bore them
  • Vary the content
  • Prepare for the long haul

Each of these deserves a closer look.

Once A Month

Keep in touch with your leads at least once a month. Once a month is really the minimum, any less and he will forget who you are in between your contacts. You need to remain in your prospects mind until he decides to buy. It also takes a minimum amount of contact to say it is a relationship.

Vary The Format

The world is full of different communication formats that you can use to your advantage:

  • Call
  • Letter
  • Email
  • Teleconference
  • Live event

This variety of format adds interest. It is much more appealing to your prospects. It also feels like a real relationship.

It's Not All Sales

Do not sell or make a sales inquiry each time.

The lead nurturing process is not about short hard selling. It is about creating a real relationship with your lead that you can easily sustain throughout the length of time needed.

Don't Bore Them

Share information your prospects want to know about. You should share various types of information:

  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Reports
  • Articles
  • Third party reports or articles

Vary The Content

Vary the touches to make it interesting for your leads. It is important to keep your prospects interest up. This is all part of creating relationships. Vary what you say. It should still be targeted to what interests them.


Keep up with it. Some marketers say you need a minimum of 10 touches, some say you need twice or three times that number in today's world.

Target Your Touches To Your Market

Use these guidelines to help you come up with your own lead generation program.

Marketing is about learning everything you can need to known about your market. The same hold true in international client relations and marketing. You to learn as much as you can about your international markets. For best results you will have to; plan, document, measure and refine your international marketing plan right from the start.

Use this information to adapt your touches to your foreign prospects interests. The best way to touch them might be different than you expect.

Once you have a basic outline for your marketing touches, remember to keep refining it. You should aim to target all of your marketing touches to fit with the different cultures of each of your international markets.

Your lead generation plan will be stronger and get more sales-ready leads for your sales team.

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Cindy King is a Cross-Cultural eMarketer & International Sales Specialist, aligning businesses with different cultures. She has over 25 years field experience in international business development and helps mid-sized business owners create international business development strategies that shorten time to profitability.


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