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Five Mistakes to Avoid With a Shipping Container Home


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The products that are manufactured across the sea and even sometimes from a country where we might never go our whole life are transported through these Shipping Boxes Moving and Shipping Boxes are also widely used for another purpose that is living. These containers are turned into homes and used for living especially by those who love to live a free and liberated life in the surrounding of a city or countryside. But there are some mistakes that cause trouble for these adventurous souls, avoiding it can improve the container life experience.

Following are the five mistakes that need to be avoided in order to make a shipping container home without any trouble.

  1. Purchasing the incorrect kind of container
    The masses are well aware of the fact that there are numerous types of containers available that are used for different purposes. People who use to alter a shipping container home should choose the right shape and size of the container in order to avoid the problem of shortage of space and difficulty in moving inside it. An average container has a height of 8 feet and 6 inches that looks fair enough but it does not remain large enough if you are planning for adding a ceiling inside and in that case, the remaining space will not be enough because the ceiling will cover at least one feet of the total height of the container.

    Instead of the regular-sized box, go for high cube container that comes with 9 feet and 6 inches height. After getting the ceiling installed, the remaining space will be 8 feet and 6 inches and you will find it easier to move inside the box freely without fearing a head injury.

  2. Buying secondhand containers
    While purchasing the box, this is one of the major mistakes that can cost you a lot. Most of the time people purchase the container online and do not check it unless it reaches to them. This result in getting a corroded and bumped container delivered that can cost you an extra amount and time in repairing it. Sometimes people do trust the pictures and videos of the tin they are going to buy but again that is not helpful as the satisfaction you can get by seeing it physically from inside and outside can never be obtained from the pictures and videos.

  3. Contact local planning directive
    Every area and region has its own planning and building rules and regulations and it is better to contact the local planning directive before you start building the container home or else you might get disappointed by the authorities telling you that your construction does not meet the standards of the local directive and you have to take it down. Get a clear perspective and demographics regarding what you are planning to build and it is even better if you have a map or sketch of the structure you want to build. There are certain areas that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the city planning office and you do not need a license for construction in that area but it is better to verify it in the first place instead of living on the assumptions and facing the disappointment later.

  4. Chopping off too much tin
    Another mistake that most of the people do is cutting off too much tin of the container and what is left of it might not be really useful at all. This problem can be avoided with proper planning and making a sketch of the final product you want. Modify the container in such a way that it can perfectly cater to your needs just like Custom Shipping Boxes that can handle the product perfectly well while shipping it from one place to another.

    What does that mean? It means that your container is the box that you are designing not for a product but for yourself. So keep it as much cozy and comfortable as you want but do it with proper planning. A perfectly planned container is a place where you will find peace and satisfaction, not discomfort.

  5. Selecting the unsuitable constructor
    Shipping container home is something that most of the people like to do it yourself but some people with no experience and knowledge about the DIY thing like to hire a constructor for this job. Getting the job done at prices that are cheap and affordable is one thing but getting it wrongly done at a cheap price is something that will cost you higher than expected. Just as there are many packaging solution manufacturers that provide Flat Rate Shipping Boxes at affordable rates, there are also many constructors that can construct the container home on cheap rates. All you have to do is to find out the constructor with appropriate knowledge and enough experience to make a container home.

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