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Economic and Environmental Benefits of Retread Tyres

Leah Spencer

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Retreaded Tyre

Tyre Retreading has been a process doing the rounds in the Tyre industry for the past two decades. It is a useful technology wherein old tyres are serviced by removing damaged and worn out threads and replacing them with new threads. After the retreading procedure the tyres look very much like the newly manufactured ones and can be used by both light and heavy vehicles.

Overview of the Tyre Retreading Industry
• Tyre retreading cost just one third of the cost of a new tyre.
• Further a new tyre consumes 22 gallons of oil whereas a retreaded tyre consumes 7 gallons of oil.
• Retreading a tyre saves almost 20 litres of crude oil.
• 20 % to 25% of the tyre cost is attributed to the tyre thread alone.
• The tyre retreading market in India is $1 billion worth. (6000 crore)

Knowing more about tyre thread and retreading

Thread is the part of the tyre that comes in contact with the road surface. The thread is responsible for providing adequate traction. Considerable amount of research is done to improve the functionality and design of the threads to increase the tyre competitiveness. When the thread wears off sue to continuous usage, the damaged threads can be replaced by new ones. This keeps your budget line very much in control and is also a good environmentally conscious move.

Why to Retread tyre instead of using a new one?

1. Retreaded tyres can perform well like new tyres.
2. Moreover they save high operational cost. Tyres of all heavy vehicles are designed for multiple lives and hence it is best to retread tyres.
3. Retreading tyres is a viable economically even for private vehicle owners.
4. Retreaded tyres are safe and durable.

Economic benefits of Retreaded Tyres

1. Retreaded tyres can give almost 80% mileage of the new tyre.
2. A retreaded tyre is similar to that of a new tyre. A retreaded tyre delivers a performance just like a new tyre and cost just 30%of the new tyre.
3. Trucks and bus fleet operators prefer retreaded tyres to keep cost low owing to their heavy usage and large scale operation.
4. Private owners too prefer retreaded tyres as retreading increases life expectancy of tyres and are an affordable option.

Environmental benefits of Retreading Tyres

Going green to be environmentally friendly

1. Retreading process saves huge amount of fossil reserves that are fast getting depleted.
2. Manufacturing new tyres would mean consuming large chunks of crude oil reserves whereas retreading of say passenger auto tyre would consume 4.5 gallons less as compared to making a fresh tyre.
3. Retreaded tyres are manufactured within the geographical boundaries and therefore they need not be shipped from other countries.
4. Retreading tyres is the best recycling tyre option. This is because retreading tyres means consuming less amount of natural resources. Recycling tyres helps to reduce the number of discarded tyres that may be burnt causing air pollution. Recycling reduces the pollution levels in the environment.

Tyre manufacturers in India are using technology on par with world standards. Tyres are predominantly petro chemical products much of which is required during the tyre casing. In retreading the casing is reused thus saving considerable amount of crude oil reserves. The retreaded tyre is manufactured in compliance with the European regulation. The retreading manufacturer must get the license to retread tyres from the European regulation. This makes the retreaded tyres completely safe even in the international sphere.

Check out Gemeni Machine Works, leading tyre retreading machinery manufacturer in India that supplies high quality tyre retreading equipments globally. They provide all retread equipment, retreading tools, retread consumables, repair equipment and tyre service equipment.


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