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A Look at Gas Flush Packaging Solutions

Katherine Jackman

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Selling products of any kind requires that those products be packaged. This isn’t just a requirement from a branding perspective; depending on what you’re selling you need to ensure that the packaging is in line with regulations. For example, if you manufactured wet-wipes to be sold in pharmacies then the packaging must be designed in such a way that the wipes are properly stacked and that they stay moist.

Similarly, the food industry is bound to various regulations and requirements that varies depending on the type of food. Bread and baked goods, for example, need to be packaged to maintain freshness; there’s nothing worse than opening up a new loaf of bread and finding it already dry!

To ensure that the products you manufacture are efficiently and expertly packaged, industries rely on flow wrapping machines. There are various packaging machines that can be used specifically for the packaging of long-life products.

Machines designed for this purpose employ gas flush packaging techniques in order to extend the life of the product being packaged. This means that the foods we buy are preserved for longer and we don’t have to worry so much about spoilage or discolouration.

A gas flush consists of inert gases such as carbon dioxide being repeatedly injected and removed from the packaging in order to eliminate oxygen from the packaging. Gas flushing tends to be used most often for packaging products such as coffee, snack foods, baked goods, meat and poultry. With some flow wrap machines such as the ones provided by Advance Flow Pack, you can use this solution to spray the product with preserving aromas before it’s packaged.

The gases used in the flushing process all offer different benefits when it comes to preserving the shelf-life of a product.

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Carbon dioxide inhibits the growth of aerobic bacteria and moulds, so the higher the CO2 levels the longer the shelf life. It’s important to strike a fine balance when using CO2 as well, as an excess can lead to issues such as tainted flavour and damage to the packaging.
  • Nitrogen (N2) – As an inert gas, N2 is used to exclude air.
  • Oxygen (O2) –Oxygen should generally be inhibited from packaging though it can be allowed in small quantities for certain products, such as helping meat to maintain its natural colour.
  • Argon – An inert gas like Nitrogen, Argon is particularly useful for packaging vegetables and can slow down metabolic reactions in certain conditions.

As you can see, gas flush packaging has a lot of excellent benefits, particularly for the food industry where spoilage and shelf-life is always a top priority.

Advance Flow Pack sells a wide range of packaging solutions for a variety of industries. Their range of machines are constructed with the highest quality and offer the best wrapping machines available. Committed to helping you to find the best solution, they will work with you from the first step to last, even providing repair services in the event of something going wrong.


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