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Providing Solutions for Process Filtration

Katherine Jackman

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There are many industries that require filtration solutions. The process of filtration involves separating suspended particles from fluid to ensure that the fluid is free of anything that might hinder its usage. For example, if you work in the Water Treatment industry, you need to ensure that you are able to separate the water from any impurities that may cause harm to the people that will later drink that water.

While filtration can be done manually, there are also various forms of filtration equipment and filtration systems that can be used to separate liquids more efficiently and with better results every time.

Filtration equipment is required for the following industries:

  • Water purification
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil
  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical and Processing

Carbis Filtration, a UK based designer and manufacturer of process filtration equipment, vessel internals and more, offers several types of process filtration and effluent treating equipment that are suitable for an array of applications within the industry. These systems can be used to solve a short term problem or even help you to deal with issues like a sudden increase in demand, and the fact that Carbis provides high quality equipment to purchase for the best quality solutions.

To provide an example of how Carbis Filtration has helped this industry with its process filtration equipment. Here are some of the solutions that they offer:

  • Filter Bag Filter Housing
  • Liquid Filter Cartridge Filter Housing
  • Aqueous Phase Activated Carbon Absorbers

Case Study: KP Foods

Carbis Filtration has helped many companies with its process filtration equipment, including KP Foods.

Carbis helped the company to identify a problem with the waste wash water from washing potatoes at the UK plant. KP foods wanted to reduce the amount of wash water waste being discharged to the sewer and increase the amount of wash water waste being reused. For waste wash water to be reused the water needs to be processed and purified, ensuring that it is clean and free of bacteria.

Carbis were initially brought into the project to make improvements to the reactor that KP was using to remove the bacteria from the water, specifically by reducing the level of suspended solids so that the UV reactor could better penetrate through dirty water.

Carbis’ filter housing bags were used in order to filter the water to 5 microns, which proved to be a significant improvement, to the point that the water was still dirty but now free of solids. However, the UV reactor KP was using was still unable to penetrate through the water to kill the bacteria. Carbis Filtration determined that the water was contaminated with a colour, and provided a solution by treating the water with activated carbon back in their lab. The colour was successfully removed and the water thoroughly cleaned; once returned to KP Foods the UV reactor was able to penetrate and successfully kill any bacteria.

Carbis Filtration provides effective and innovative solutions for process filtration, filtration systems and more. You can read more about their products on their site and get in contact with an enquiry.


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