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Use of plastic polymers for various reasons

Anwar Ali

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Plastic are nothing but organic polymers having high molecular mass. They may contain other kinds of substances. The common plastic polymers are synthetic that are derived from petrochemicals. Most of them are partially natural. These particular kinds of polymers are getting more attractive due to its extensive use in various fields. They are being used in day to day life for its numerous numbers of advantages. Most of the daily used things are mainly manufactured with the help of plastic polymers. They are mainly composed of mainly fillers, plasticizers as well as colorants. With the type of use, the plastic polymers can be classified as thermoplastics and thermosetting. It will be better to understand the use of it prior to apply it for the manufacturing of certain products.

Most of the daily used things are mostly manufactured with plastic polymers that differ according to the type of use. The same plastic can be used for flexible products and it can also be used for stronger products with the addition of some extra kinds of materials to it. One such example is Bakelite that is the hardest form of plastic, which is used for kitchen items and other items due to its heat resistant properties. All these lead to classify the general plastic to variations.

With the passage of time, the general form of plastic has undergone various changes in its molecular structure. The same structure can be modified to generate some other forms of plastics and that too with other properties. The production of these polymers is increasing at a very faster rate due to various reasons. The main aim is to meet the surplus demand of the polymer for the manufacturing of various products. The various ranges of products differ with the type of plastic polymers they use during the manufacturing process. Various sets of machines are deployed that are specifically designed to process the small plastic polymers into the end product. The normal plastic is melted and moulded into desired shapes with the help of molders.

An increase in the demand of the plastic polymers is due to various types of reasons such as follows:

1. 1-The price of plastic products is cheaper than that of the products made up of other materials. Hence it attract to the present day generation in order to meet the demand.

2. 2- The plastic polymers are the best choice to be used for transportation process. Hence, they serve to be handier rather than other materials.

3. 3- They are serving the ultimate materials that can be framed to any desired shape and forms.

4. 4- They are used in various forms depending on the type of products.

There is a huge risk in using the plastic polymers to a long extent. They are the harmful polymers that do not decompose even after several decades, thus polluting to the environment. In such cases, recycling is the only option left out while using plastic polymers to much extent. The government is taking respective steps to reuse the plastic in order to reduce cost and save the environment from excessive pollution.


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