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Some potential hazards you should know

Anwar Ali

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There is a huge discussion of the matter, when it comes to potential hazards in industry of chemicals. There are so many plants in different countries all over the world. The chemicals companies have its own name and hold in the market. Basically, the nature of all companies is same, these companies are producing chemicals of varying nature. But, every company or plant comes with unique hazards. We cannot say each and every chemical companies should follow have same hazards. The important thing for companies is to have hazards list within their plant sites. The potential hazards can be classified as chemical hazards, physical hazards and biological hazards. The most common hazards among all are chemical and physical hazards. Let’s discuss how easily we can identify whether hazards existing in our plant-site or not. Every day you listen to chemical industry news, where huge bulletins can be seen.

•Hazardous exposures are dangerous. They are affecting our lives and environment safety. The potential hazards can be introduced with chemical spills, splash, inhalation, etc.

•You must have heard chemical industry news Bhopal tragedy, which was due to the gas leak. The poisoning by toxic materials kills so many lives. We can figure out many plant accidents which happened in the past caused due to toxic gas leakage.

  • •Flammable gases cause huge fire explosions that take situation out of control. You must remember the latest plant tragedy ‘Middletown power plant explosion’ that happened in US. It was only because of improper handling of natural gas cleanse.

•There are explosion caused by pressurized gases and liquids, if you remember hydrostatic pressure test failure in China.

  • •Uncontrolled chain reactions lead to explosions.
  • •There can be thermal hazards, a number of processes and reactions are carried out at hot temperatures and expose high radiations.
  • •The tremendous cold temperature hazard cannot be neglected because it is able to present real hazard to workers in the plant.
  • •There can be cutting hazards that are caused by sharp substances and rotating equipments and running machines in the plant.
  • •There can be slips, trips and falls hazards caused due to unsafe conditions such as, if there is a slippery surface in the plant.
  • •Electrical hazards are also there. Static electric should be taken into account too because any sudden collapse may cause danger.
  • •There are mechanical failure hazards. Old equipments with corroded supports can collapse anytime and supports can lose down their required strength.
  • •There may be the deficiency of oxygen. Working inside restricted spaces exposes workers to such hazard, which include toxic atmosphere.

There was a brief about hazards so now you should be able to identify which potential hazards exist in you plant site, or which are not. I believe that the above does not represent all the potential hazards in chemicals companies , because some factors depend on locations. However, they could help you preparing your own hazard identification study. If you want more information then you surf over the internet to get latest chemical industry news . Everybody who is working in these kinds of companies should be aware with hazards.


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