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Right Understanding About Electronic Cigarettes

Doris Gray

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In modern society, electronic cigarettes develop at a high speed, and they occupy a big cigarette market. Indeed, electronic cigarettes have their unique advantages, which make them very popular among smokers. Next let's get to know some special advantages held by electronic cigarettes.

First, electronic cigarettes do not burn without fire danger, and in this way smokers can enjoy them at any public places without causing any troubles for other people.

Second, different from common cigarettes in nature, electronic cigarettes do not contain tar and other chemical substances, and then they just have no carcinogenic substances contained by common cigarettes. Therefore, electronic cigarettes are good for smokers’ health.

Third, the electronic cigarette liquid does not contain harmful substances such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and lead, arsenic and mercury and so on, and in this way it will not make other people have passive smoking. Therefore, to have electronic cigarette is also a good way to protect people beside you.

Fourth, electronic cigarette accessories such as battery pole, atomizer and smoke cartridge can be separated, and we can clean them conveniently after using them.

Though electronic cigarettes are invented for smokers to get rid of smoking with obvious advantages, we should still treat them in a right way instead of ignoring their disadvantages. Electronic cigarette is usually made up of the smoke tube which is used for putting nicotine liquid, evaporator and battery, and the nicotine liquid will be evaporated by heat and be absorbed into mouth while using electronic cigarette since nicotine is usually soluble in propylene glycol liquid, making smokers can exhale white mist while using electronic cigarette.

According to researches, there is about 90% propylene glycol absorbed by people when they are using electronic cigarettes, and this kind of chemical substance can stimulate respiratory tract in short term. What's more, factories usually do not mark nicotine content on the electronic cigarette, making health hazard of consumers immeasurable.

Just because of uncertain harm held by electronic cigarettes, some countries already banned selling electronic cigarettes by explicit order in order to protect their citizens, and at the same time there are also many institutions starting researching potential harm of electronic cigarettes.

Therefore, we should treat electronic cigarettes with right attitude instead of following the trend blindly. After all, electronic cigarettes not only have unique advantages which can help smokers get rid of smoking while keeping smoking habits but also have immeasurable disadvantages.

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