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The Application of Steel Casting Products


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Almost all industrial sectors need to use steel casting products, especially in transportation, construction machinery, engineering machinery, power station equipment, mining machinery, metallurgical equipment, aviation and aerospace equipment, oil and chemical application equipment.

1. Power Station Equipment

Power station equipments are high-tech products, and the main components continuously run under heavy loads. Many parts in thermal and nuclear power station equipments need to endure the corrosion of high temperature and high pressure steam, thus there are strict requirements for the parts reliability. Steel castings can satisfy these requirements and are widely used in power station equipment.

2. Railway Locomotives

Railway transportation is closely related to people's lives and property security. Some key components of rolling stocks, such as wheels, side frames, bolsters and couplers, are the traditional steel castings.

3. Building and Construction Machinery

Working conditions of construction machinery and engineering machinery are poor, and most parts required to withstand high loads and impact wear are steel castings, such as mobile wheels, load wheels, rockers and caterpillar panels.

4. Forging and Metallurgical Equipment

Bases, crosses, beams and racks of forging machinery and racks, bearing blocks and other important parts of metallurgical equipment are steel castings.

5. Aviation and Aerospace Equipment

Steel castings used on the aircraft have a long history. Since 1930s, steel castings have been used for landing gear shells and other parts, while modern jet planes also use steel castings, such as engine brackets and brake support plates.

Some key components are steel castings in missile devices of transport, stand and launch.

6. Mining Equipment

In order to protect operations safety, some key components in mine equipment are steel castings, such as the sheave and tramcar.

7. Pressure Vessel Equipment

The core components of Oil and natural gas blowout preventer are the low-alloy steel or martensitic stainless steel castings, such as shells, roofs and so on.

8. Ships

Many important parts of large vessels are steel castings, such as the first columns, last columns, anchor chains, catheter steering racks and cable rudder piles.

9. Agricultural Machinery

Using conditions of agricultural machinery are very harsh, and there are the following characteristics:

1). Due to large load and uneven ground, farm machinery must tolerate distortion and vibration.

2). The agricultural equipments must be reliable because of time-sensitive agricultural production, otherwise the failure in the busy season will result in significant economic losses.

3). Owing to poor maintaining conditions in rural areas, the equipments must be durable.

Therefore, some important force parts in agricultural machinery should adopt steel castings, such as plow bases, plow columns and active sprockets.

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