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Know About Different Types of House Foundations

Bruce Markey

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House foundations are referred to, as structural elements that your house requires. House foundations offer necessary support to the walls and roof of a building. Types of foundation depend on the nature of soil, which is shallow or deep at times. Deep foundations are constructed with drilled shafts and piles.

The most common types of house foundations include the following:

Slab foundations

Basement foundations

Crawl space

Crawl space foundations are also referred to as raised foundations that are found mainly in central regions of the US. The foundation is constructed above ground with a space of 2 feet to enable an individual to crawl through the space. This space helps in installing mechanical equipments like air-conditioning ducts, electrical wiring, making it easy to undertake repair works as well. Woodpiles or concrete is used for supporting home and it acts like a crawl foundation.

Basement foundations have more space compared to the crawl space. The space is enough for a person to stand up comfortably. Basements can be found in cold areas as the foundation is constructed below frost line. Frost line refers to the depth that frost can penetrate the ground.

Slab house foundations are created with concrete that is poured on the ground directly. Slab is a solid, single piece of concrete, which is an efficient and cost-effective type of foundation. You will not get any crawl space between the floor and the concrete. Slabs become useful when water table rises. Deep house foundation is required for poor soil condition for settlement issues. Houses that are built along the coastline come with slab house foundations that lie above base flood elevation. These are constructed with use of piles.

House foundations that are not properly built or areas where the soil contracts and expands doors, windows, bowed walls and slopping floor incur damages. You can find cracks developing in course of time as well. It is important to get in touch with contractors and specialists to inspect the condition of house foundation from time to time. This will ensure that any issue rising will be mitigated on time, before it is too late. Detection and repair of little damages and minor cracks will protect you from incurring huge expenses.

It is very important to diagnose problems of house foundations and fix them on time. Getting in touch with a specialist will help you get rid of all concerns. Services offered by the foundation specialists include installation of seismic anchor bolts, earthquake proofing, etc to ensure complete security for your family members.

Now that you are aware of the importance of house foundations, you must concentrate on hiring construction specialists to get a durable and concrete structure that can withstand wear and tear for several years together. Hiring house foundation experts will also ensure that you do not spend every now and then on repair and renovation projects. Moreover, periodic inspections can ensure that your house foundation is in good condition.


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