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The Importance and Design of a Suction Pipe


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A vortex point is created at a location where water enters a pipe with very high velocity, which lets the air flow through the pipe until the end and into the pump casing. Air is so rough in operation into the pump casing that the vibrations caused by it can result in a broken shaft as well as other damages. If enough amount of air arrives at pump then dry operations can do certain damaged like metal seizure. Due care should be taken or the rotating parts may come at risk. The risk can be well avoided by the a suction pipe, that will control fluid in both the cases such on one hand for the fluid entering with a very high rate of velocity and at the same time on the other hand for the fluid at the lower rate.


Design for the large suction pumps can become a complex issue; centrifugal pump technology should be adopted in such cases. The design of piping operation can have major effect on the effective operation of a centrifugal pump. So items such as pump design, suction piping designs suction and discharge pipe size should be under prime importance.

The selection of discharge pipe size is very critical from the financial point of view because the cost of the various pipe sizes must be compared to the size of the pump and the calculation for the required power cost to run the operations. Healthy suction of a pump highly depends on the size and design of the suction piping, hence the size and design of the suction piping is of greatest importance. The prime function of a suction piping is to provide an even flow of fluid to the suction pump. The flow of fluid should be in such a flow that excessive cavitations can be avoided.

The size of the suction should always be larger than the connections of the pump but actually it should be one size greater than the suction connections. The suction pipes should be short and straight as much as possible. The velocity in suction pipe should range between 5 to 8 feet per second for normal suction pipe conditions

If the velocity is higher than the range of 8 feet per second might result in several damages for the pump. The suction pipe should be highly horizontal.

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Thomas Scott invites you to take a look at Nokwon Pipe Assemblies . The Suction Pipes should be short and straight as much as possible. The velocity in suction pipe should range between 5 to 8 feet per second for normal suction pipe conditions.


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