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VCI Packaging Save Time, Effort and Resources by Using VCI Bags

David Marinac

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Chances are if you are a manufacturer of a product that includes metal parts, you have had to worry about corrosion at one point or another. And, you have probably had to deal with the messy oils and greases that were once considered standard fare in corrosion and oxidation protection. But, in recent years, the packaging industry has taken their efforts in the chemistry lab out into the real world, and introduced VCI, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor bags to help make the manufacturing process easier for the makers of these sensitive products.

1. VCI bags can protect virtually any metal surface, even hard to reach areas. This is because the vapor corrosion inhibitors in the bags will emit corrosion-fighting molecules until the area of the bag is completely saturated, including air pockets and hidden spots.

2. Using a VCI bag is more efficient because it is easy to use - simply place the item you want to protect inside the bag. You do not have to apply any messy oils or treatments to the metal. The film will do that for you, relying on the VCI additives in the film itself.

3. Improve health, safety and pollution by using a VCI bag. Because you do not have to use other protective treatments, employees are not exposed to any hazardous chemicals or fumes. The vapor corrosion inhibitors emitted by VCI bags are odorless, colorless and completely safe.

4. With oils and greases, there is always a significant mess to clean up, and no guarantee you have protected every inch of your product's surface. There are no such messes with VCI bags, and you can rest assured that your product is completely protected.

5. VCI bags as well as other types VCI packaging can be used in every stage of the manufacturing process. From protecting parts used in production to storing a finished product, VCI bags offer superior protection and eliminate the messy steps of cleaning, degreasing, rust removal and sandblasting. As a result, you will not have to re-work as many projects, you will reject fewer products, and you will extend the life of your equipment.

In closing, prolong the life of your products by storing them in VCI bags. Depending on the quality and thickness of the bag you select, your item could be protected for years. Always consult with your VCI packaging specialist for guidance and direction regarding your specific application. Often, VCI bags alone provide ample protection. However, there are times when additional anti corrosion materials are needed based upon the number of parts being shipped per bag. Again, your VCI packaging specialist's support can be a welcome addition in these situations.

David Marinac

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Saving Packaging Dollars in a Down Economy - Custom Printed Paper Bags
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