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Articles about or concerning Payroll, Hiring, Firing, Job Development, Labor Policies, Benefits, HR Management, Employee Retention, Company Policies, Laws, Recruiting, and Staffing.
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Job Satisfaction and Better Profits Go Hand in Hand

 Morgan Bryan (May 28, 2008)  As our enterprises continue to work at improving profitability, one aspect of struggle is often either not used or underused. This is the use of job satisfaction on the part of the individual employee to suggest methods and procedures improvements. These methods and procedures improvements can achieve new ways of doing things which are simpler or easier to perform. These changes when .. (Human Resources)

Flexible Working - What It Means For Your Business

 Iain Mackintosh (May 26, 2008)  Flexible working is becoming popular in the 21st century workplace, as an increasing number of people seek to combine an active family life with full-time employment. Employers have become more aware of the benefits that flexible working can bring to their business: these can include greater staff retention and better morale along with increased efficiency and productivity. Indeed, for .. (Human Resources)

Motivating Staff Explained

 J Bell (May 14, 2008)  If a workforce is motivated, success usually follows, which in turn inspires and further motivates the employees to yet further success. Successful companies go into a self-perpetuating motion that brings more and more success and the associated rewards. Take a few moments now to think about one or two of the successful companies you know of and consider whether what I say is correct. . (Human Resources)

Background Screening - Why You Should Do This to Protect Your Business

 Simon M Skinner (May 06, 2008)  Do you consider yourself a discerning person, one that can easily see through a lying face? You may be right, but risking everything on a hunch is not always a good business decision. Most successful company owners do have a certain skill when it comes to knowing people, but they also are careful to research facts before making a decision. The same should be true of the application .. (Human Resources)

Why You Should Run a Background Check on Your Employees

 Simon M Skinner (May 06, 2008)  Using background checks is simply a matter of good business. When you hire employees you are bringing someone into your professional family, and will be entrusting these individuals with increasing amounts of responsibility. The best way to start a new professional relationship is learning a little bit about the person you plan on hiring. You should feel sure that the person is ethical .. (Human Resources)

Competency Development

 Robin Brain (May 06, 2008)  Many organizations these days are using competency development to relate their HR processes but most of the HR managers not even realize what a competency is? How to build up a development plan for employee selection? So here's a short note all a layman even need to know about Competencies along with its development What Is A Competency Development? A Competency development describes .. (Human Resources)

Three Vital Questions For Job Competency Modeling

 Robin Brain (May 06, 2008)  If you along with your association have assured to build up job competency models otherwise a competency stood HR system, your plan must consist of responding 3 vital questions to facilitate the affected conclusion of the venture. 1. What possessions you must build in your competencies model? There are a lot of ways to do job competency modeling. Some are multifaceted, time-consuming .. (Human Resources)

Job Skill Competencies - Most Specific HR Tools

 Robin Brain (May 06, 2008)  Job Skill Competencies are been considered as a need from past long time. However there exists a numerous of drawbacks in the scheme of organizations while running as well as implementing these job skill competencies at their business. Not taking into account these applications. Before delving into furthermore emerging your job competency skill, you are supposed to make out how you .. (Human Resources)

How to Conduct a Performance-Based Behavioral Interview - Hiring Emotionally Intelligent People

 Maynard Brusman (April 25, 2008)  Conducting an effective pre-employment job interview takes a great deal of skill and preparation. You want to interview candidates to assess their technical competence and most importantly their emotional intelligence and social intelligence. A poor hire can cause your company a great deal of money and undue distress for everyone involved. Key Points for Conducting an Effective .. (Human Resources)

Importance Of Good Workforce Management Systems

 Remy Na (April 24, 2008)  The importance of workforce management systems becomes essential when there is an expansion in the working sector. As and when the development of platform gets expanded, the need for forecasting your plans and schedules become essential. However, this becomes the need of the hour as you have to acquire real time information to plan efficiently and manage the people in your business .. (Human Resources)

Getting the Right Person - Interviewing Tips to Guarantee Satisfaction

 Gail Kenny (April 23, 2008)  The focus for all my articles so far has been on preparing the nervous interviewee for their first steps towards that dream job, but what about if it's the other way around, and it's the interviewer who is nervous about the daunting challenge of trying to pick the right candidate from a series of half hour conversations? How come you often hear of company management wishing they'd .. (Human Resources)

Sicknote Britain - Sickness Absence Management for Small Businesses

 Iain Mackintosh (April 14, 2008)  It makes for depressing reading for the government, that Britain is losing £100 billion per year on sick days, but small business owners should be even more concerned if they see a ‘sick leave culture’ forming in their own office. While the government can deal with such losses better, small businesses could see their own profits slipping down the plughole, and a good .. (Human Resources)

What Constitutes a Healthy Work Environment?

 Sandy Cosser (April 14, 2008)  We all know how important the work environment is in terms of productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. All businesses strive, or should strive to achieve a healthy work environment for their employees. But what constitutes a healthy work environment? Is it literal health, as in good ventilation, natural lighting and lots of plants? Is it psychological health, as in job security .. (Human Resources)

Special Event Videos - Using Training Videos to Promote Staff Uniformity and Consistency

 Amanda Nella (April 13, 2008)  In today's business environment everything is quantifiable. Figures are collected to support existing practice, gauge the effectiveness of newly implemented procedures and the success of evolved best practice policies. The measurement and interrogation of training methodologies and strategies and performance management tools are integral to the good governance and human resources .. (Human Resources)

Human Resources Coaching Tip - What's in Your Fuel?

 Leanne Hoagland-Smith (April 07, 2008)  In the construction industry almost everything runs on some sort of fuel, gasoline, diesel, steam or caloric. Without fuel, roads would not be built, buildings would stay only as dreams on some architect's drawing board and people would not be able to operate all those machines necessary to build roads and buildings. Fuel is the power that drives construction today just like it did .. (Human Resources)

Employers Are Turning To Cell Phone Lookup As Their Source For Employee Background Check

 Joan Cayetano (April 01, 2008)  Reverse phone number lookup is not only useful for suspicious spouses or protective parents; it is also useful for businessmen and company employers. As many of you know, several states have already imposed a regulation making background checks mandatory in every company's pre-employment procedure in their jurisdiction. By performing reverse phone number lookup, not only would the name .. (Human Resources)

Get Your Staff On The Road - As Safe Drivers!

 Steve Shefford (April 01, 2008)  Employers looking for something valuable to add to their employee benefits package may do well to consider driving lessons, with the emphasis on safe driving; not just passing the test! Learning to drive is not just about reaching the level needed to pass the driving test. It is about becoming a safe, confident driver with good skills and experience. The test is actually the easy part .. (Human Resources)

Old Candidates For New Success In Recruitment Consultant Jobs

 Jonathan Walker (March 26, 2008)  Being a success in recruitment consultant's jobs require a lot of hard work and determination. You will need a certain element of flair, charm and personality in order to schmooze your clients into consistently giving you their vacancies to fill. Of course the role isn't always down to that, as you need to be a hard worker and generally a great judge of character! As well as a regular .. (Human Resources)

Raising Staff Retention - How to Keep Your Top Employees

 Paul S. Allen (March 24, 2008)  Today people are changing their jobs often. Gone are the days that most workers stayed with one company for their working lifetime. In fact employee retention and longevity are challenges that currently affect most business organizations. Statistics indicate that a large number of employees now change jobs on average every two years. And, younger people can have as many as 8 jobs in the . (Human Resources)

Chumming for Your New Employees - 7 Steps to Hiring the Right Man for the Job

 Bryan Kress (March 24, 2008)  Many beginning business owners have a hard time hiring good employees because it is a new experience. Remember the interview process when you just had to prepare a resume and go for an interview? Well now you're on the other side of the coin and you have to look at numerous resumes all saying similar things. How can you pick from so many options? Well here are some steps to hiring an .. (Human Resources)

Benefits Administration Automation - HRIS

 Pavan M Kumar (March 19, 2008)  Does your organization manually administer Benefits to all the active employees? Can your employees change their Benefits elections at their will within no time? Or do they still need to manually process their requests, which consumes their valuable time and thereby reducing their job productivity at the end of the day? How you, as an Administrator, handle the complicated and .. (Human Resources)

Personnel - Firing the Indispensable Employee in a Small Business Or Start Up Company

 Robert Lee Goodman (March 19, 2008)  This one is filed under “Dragons - Personnel: How do you fire the indispensable person in your organization?" Question: I have one NAZI fem, the HR director, who is causing problems for the whole organization with her attitude and approach. Even though she is indispensable to my company, she is my biggest mistake. How do I rid myself of her since no one else knows what she knows .. (Human Resources)

Manage, Motivate And Inspire Others - Learn How To (Article Three)

 J Bell (March 11, 2008)  An interview is a two-way process. The production of a skills and ability list I described in Article Two in this series will assist you, and any colleagues involved in the process, to develop a format and set of questions that can be asked of each candidate. By doing so you are being fair to the candidates and will also be able to make direct comparisons. If you are armed with a list .. (Human Resources)

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