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Why You Should Have Your Employees Take up Safety Officer Courses

Bruce Markey

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Millions of people across the world work in warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants. But only a small percentage of them are provided with occupational health and safety training to take care of their workplace safety. It is the responsibility of business owners to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for employees as well as for anybody who visits the facility. With increasingly stringent workplace health and safety regulations, employers are taking more and more measures to ensure safety and health of their employees. In order to ensure compliance with OSHA standards, employers have two options ahead of them: appointing a qualified safety officer or having their key employees and supervisors take up safety officer courses. However, the second option is more feasible because the employees are well-aware of the functioning of the organization, their roles and responsibilities. Here are reasons why you should have your employees take up safety officer courses.

Adequate safety measures incorporated in the organization will improve the working environment, and will help the workers feel secure and confident. When the employers have their key employees take up safety officer courses to ensure the safety and health of the staff, it will involuntarily boost their morale and thereby increase the productivity of your business. Having your employees take up safety officer courses means they will be advised of the safety measures to be followed in the workplace. They will also be instructed on how to identify the potential risks and hazards and how to mitigate them. Employees trained in safety officer courses can lead the safety management team and also instruct other workers on health and safety.

This will greatly reduce unexpected fatal and non-fatal accidents, as well as the liability, worker’s compensations and other expenses related to such untoward accidents at workplace. With fewer workplace accidents and insurance claims, you can save greatly on your premiums. Also happy and healthy employees mean fewer sick leaves and maximum productivity. Hence business owners should make sure their employees attend safety officer courses appropriate for the work. This will help them to greatly improve the overall working conditions, and ring in positive results for both the employer and the employees!

Health and safety training courses should not be thought of as mere formalities to comply with the regulations. The long-term benefits of such courses far outweigh the costs. If factories and companies fail to provide such accredited workplace safety officer courses, it can result in an array of dangerous situations, as there are thousands of people out there who handle harmful chemicals and heavy machineries without adopting all the necessary safety precautions. Hence it is the duty of the factories and companies, to educate their employees and provide them the required health and safety officer training, to help them handle things safely and properly, even in case of an emergency. Therefore, safety training courses should never be ignored; in fact, they should be mandatory. Business, both big and small, can reduce injuries, accidents, and loss of lives, if they take the necessary initiative, and provide accredited workplace safety officer courses for their staff!

Safety Built In, a health and safety consultant, offers customized health and safety officer courses ( ), and a wide selection of safety-leadership workshops and coaching to instill profound safety awareness in your organization.To know more about the role of a safety officer, you may visit eHow .


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