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Worst Jobs from Around The World

Adrian Fisher

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Everybody has to make a living from something. What are the first professions you can think of? Doctor, lawyer, engineer? Becoming a reputable professional is not easy at all – it takes years of studying and dedication as well as acquiring a specific set of skills. However, once you “crawl out of the mud” you can have a better live and live the American dream. But what about those who are not so fortunate or lack the will-power to graduate? What do they end up working. Here are some of the worst jobs from around the world not arranged in any particular order. But it sure sucks working as a.

Drug dealer. The life of a street thug ain't easy. yo. By getting into this business a person is risking a lot. It doesn't matter what kind of illegal drugs he/she is selling – if the coppers get you, you're done. If you're a small fish, they'll throw you in jail for sure and your boss will be madly. mad. No surprise if an attempt on your life follows in jail – this people have connections. You've seen “Breaking Bad”, you know what the deal is. Moral of the story: don't get caught. I mean, don't get into illegal drug trade.

Garbage collector. Not much to say about this one really. Imagine being driven around by a garbage truck and collecting people's trash. How long will you last? Often, this job comes with a minimum salary and costly soap expenses since you probably have to shower for like an hour to get the smell off you. I'm hearing lemon slices help a lot against the pungent stench. On the bright side, whatever you find in people's junk, it's yours!

Odour tester. Before antiperspirants and deodorants are released on the market they have to be tested. There are people who get paid by manufactures to test if these products work. In other words, they have to smell other people's armpits. Oh, come on! How bad can it be? After you empty out your stomach a few times, you probably get used to it.

Roadkill remover. Did you know that the United States hire people to get rid of all sorts of animals that were hit by vehicles on the road? The only problem is that the wheels of other cars and the sun get to what is left of the poor creatures. Have you ever seen a hedgehog turned into a pancake? The sight is just as disgusting as you imagine it. Maybe even more.

Dairy farmer. That milk you're pouring so carelessly in your cereal didn't come from a magical milk fountain. Raising all those cows entails strenuous labour, long hours of work in horrible conditions. Imagine all those cows mooing all day long – this will probably drive some people nuts.

Lumberjack. Being a lumberjack is among the worst jobs in the world without a doubt. Not only that it is tiresome and you are outdoors no matter the weather but you are often isolated from any help. And why would you need help? Only because the chance to injure yourself is very. This profession has a fatality rate of 82%. And of course, all this comes with a minimum wage. Good luck retiring with such income.

Professional cleaner. Only this time, the coin has two sides. There are professional cleaning companies such as Cleaners Wapping that use high-end equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products making their job easier. However, there are still companies that rely on primitive tools and cleaning detergents that so toxic, they should be illegal. Cleaning people's filth and catering to every little detail of their households can hardly be considered pleasant.


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