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VirtualEmployee Service Is For Hiring Long-Term, Full Time Workers


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Ever since outsourcing proved to be the best thing that could have happened to financially beleaguered businesses in the US and the UK, it has increasingly become a necessity rather than an option for companies. As a means of staying ahead of rivals in a highly competitive economic climate, outsourcing has proved itself again and again. And without doubt, India is where most of the outsourcing action is centered. Outsourcing service providers abound in thousands, catering to every conceivable niche in the industry today. While the offshore freelancing model initially defined the outsourcing boom, today variants of the outsourcing process are available, keeping competition keen and clients the ultimate beneficiaries

Counted among the leading outsourcing vendors in India, VirtualEmployee can also be said to be a pioneer of sorts. It is the first outsourcing company to have introduced the revolutionary new concept of the ‘virtual employee', thereby elevating outsourcing to a level hitherto never attempted before. With this vendor, a company could not just outsource any office work in any profession, but they would also get their very own dedicated remote resource who worked for them in an exclusive manner.

So, in effect, this proved that outsourcing was not always about short-term and low budget projects. A company in the US or the UK, or for that matter, from anywhere in the world, could now outsource long-term work and get full-time employees, all working remotely for them from this vendor's office in India.

VirtualEmployee is also a remote staffing company , whose endeavour has always been on finding top quality talented people at reasonable salaries, for long term work. At the end of the day, every company wants to hire someone trustworthy who will be with them for the log haul rather than having to deal with an endless stream of short-term workers (read, freelancers). One of the ways in which this service provider makes this possible and very attainable is by its unique and very systematic recruitment process.

Fortunate to operate out of a country that boasts one of the largest technical talent pools in the world, a highly skilled English-speaking workforce and excellent satellite communication technology, VirtualEmployee can provide a client with every level of expertise in any field so desired. The best part is that all these positions are for the long-term as every virtual employee is made to sign a contract at the time of hiring – a far cry from a freelancer who can jump ship anytime without warning.

Outsourcing has come a long way from the time when short-term work was outsourced. Today, companies are looking at the larger picture and that involves integrating outsourcing into their business decisions. So, from iPhone apps development to animation, from ongoing architectural plans to engineering designs and from website development to SEO, everything can be outsourced to this vendor, to avail the twin benefits of cost savings and increased productivity and efficiency.

Those firms in the US or the UK who wish to hire talented Indian professionals for the long-term, can find the ‘customised’ virtual employee waiting for them with


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