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Creative Company Picnic Ideas Turn Ideas Into Rave Reviews


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Start With the Basics
Before you let your creative juices flow freely, it is important to know the parameters. There are certain aspects of your company picnic that cannot be changed or altered. Make sure you are aware of any circumstances that might put an end to your best company picnic ideas.

For example, going over your budget might be something that the powers above you would not allow. What is the budget for the event? Another limiting factor will most likely be the location. Planning a company picnic at a location that's hours away, will most likely dampen the highlights of the event. No one wants to drive for hours before a one-day event begins. Consider your location carefully. Depending on the size and location of your company, sometimes the company parking lot can be re-created into surprisingly well put together themes for company picnics.

Another consideration is whom do you want to invite? Staff only, members of the immediate family, or significant others. Family oriented company picnics are a great way for staff to meet families of co-workers. Single or divorced employees can feel a bit out of place at a family event. Overcome this problem by planning activities requiring participants to form groups. Grouping helps to integrate all attendees. Once you are aware of the basics it is time to let those company picnic ideas flow and create the theme.

Creating the Theme - Do You Really Need a Theme?
Company picnic ideas can range from the very simple to the blow-out extravaganza. Having a theme for your company event makes it easier to plan the food and activities. Choosing a different theme each year for your company picnic adds variety, so everyone is anticipating what the theme for this year will be. If there is no change from year to year, the event becomes more ho-hum, hum-drum, and boring.

The theme is one of the most important aspects of successful company picnic ideas. A few popular theme concepts are family-picnic, picnics at theme parks, picnics at state parks, and themes based on the season. For example, the company picnic idea of a fall theme could be coordinated using fall colors for table decorations, balloons, and banners. To further compliment the fall theme consider food and drink to match the season. Activities might include hayrides, tag football, and more.

You can take almost any season, holiday or event and create a theme for your company picnic ideas. Whatever the theme the key of success is to make sure to keep the needs and tastes of your attendees in the forefront of the decision making process.

Making the Plan
There are event planning companies that can assist you with every aspect of your company picnic. . . even providing you with company picnic ideas. You can choose the theme, and they will take care of the entire event. Everything can be included- food, beverages, activities, entertainment and transportation if necessary.

Choosing a company to provide all the services for your company picnic is often the easiest route to take. You still maintain control over the event and can set the theme, the location, and other specifics. Working with only one company rather than a host of providers makes coordination a breeze.

Final checklist
As with any event, make sure to keep written notes as you plan. It is also a good idea to create and maintain a to-do list containing every detail of planning and implementing your company picnic.

If you choose to hire individual providers, at least one week before the event, make sure you and your committee reviews and completes a final checklist. This ensures that everything is going smoothly. Doing a check one week before the big day gives you time to make sure those last actions are complete, and you still have time to make changes if necessary. For example, suppose you have plans to have face painting for the children. Make sure to contact and confirm that those who will do the painting are still available. This is also a good time to make sure they know exactly when and where to be on the event day.

Contacting every provider and vendor a least one week before the big day will help avoid any problems with set-up and distribution on the day of your event. Make sure to give instructions and confirm date, time, and the specific location (if necessary, within your location for each vendor to appear.

You can create a layout of the location and assign each vendor/provider a specific area within the layout. Make sure each vendor/provider receives a copy before the date of the event.

Enjoy the Rave Reviews
Proper planning allows you to enjoy the event with everyone else. Any company picnic ideas you consider must keep the tastes and needs of those attending in mind. This helps ensure you generate rave reviews and make your event successful.

Don't forget to casually survey attendees after the picnic to get the overall level of enjoyment. This can help with future event planning. Most will be appreciative that they were consulted. Have fun and enjoy!

Larry Klein owns and operates one of Southern California's premier event production companies, Team Play Events and one of the largest day camps, Camp Keystone. A graduate of CSU Northridge (BA) and Pepperdine University (MBA) he has over 25 years experience creating and turning company picnic ideas into high-end events. In addition to growing his companies, Larry has taught university level classes on entrepreneurship. Visit to take advantage of his expertise with company picnics, team building, corporate events and catering.


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